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rv-pro.com December 2019 • RV PRO • 23 younger demographics and the emerging customers in terms of what you can do with these RVs and the technology advance- ments that are creating the hype around RVs and just making it cool," he says. Seeing Off-Grid Market Potential So, just how big is the market for off- grid RVing? Fidler acknowledges that it's difficult to determine an exact dollar figure, but he says Furrion believes the market is sig- nificant and growing – which is why the company made a significant investment in money and time to create the off-grid concept RV in order to showcase what's possible, for consumers and industry pro- fessionals alike. "This design of camping off-grid is more geared toward a younger demo- graphic that is emerging into this lifestyle," Fidler says of the target market. "Those cus- tomers are demanding products and capa- bilities that can do these kinds of things (camp off-grid) and help them explore the world a bit better, but at the same time have the comforts of technology and luxury that they are accustomed to." Moving forward, Fidler sees toy haulers, truck campers and smaller travel trailers and motorhomes as being early adopters of Furrion's off-grid technology products, in large part because those are the products Millennials are buying and the fact that the newer generation is using RVs differently than traditional campers. Additionally, Fidler says he sees the company's off-grid products as appealing to other markets as well, including tiny homes, manufactured homes and the out- door enthusiast, to name a few. "RVs are a big part of our business and a big part of our focus, but the oppor- tunities that we are seeing open up in other industries is really amazing to us," he says. "Business is growing very strongly now and we're branching out into these new markets." And Fidler is quick to add that Fur- rion's energy system in particular is cus- tomizable and expandable. "We make it easy for the dealer and the customer to upgrade their RV, if they want," he says. "For example, some people might just want a solar panel system that can trickle charge the battery, so it doesn't deplete while it's not in use. Others may want a full off-grid solar package because they are rarely plugged in. We can accom- modate them either way because our power system represents ... one ecosystem of products." The Future is Here Now While Furrion's off-grid concept RV has a futuristic feel to it, Fidler notes that all of the products featured in and on the Limitless 2.0 are available for use today. And in fact, he says major manufacturers including Forest River, Thor Industries and Winnebago showcased many of those Furrion products during Elkhart Open House Week. To support the company's off-grid products, Furrion has made a substan- tial commitment to provide assistance to both OEMs and dealers, according to Fidler. "We are very much into training and building the knowledge base around Furrion systems and products, and that's ultimately what's making us successful, because we do provide The Furrion energy system is what makes the Limitless 2.0 – and any new models from RV manufacturers equipped with similar Furrion products – truly off-grid capable. In addition to the solar power panels atop the RV's roof, components of the Furrion power system include (pictured at left from top to bottom): a 50-amp wall-mount MPPT solar charge controller with mounting bracket, an 80-amp power converter, a 1,000-watt 12-volt pure sine wave inverter, the AC/DC distribution panel and four energy-efficient Furrion lithium batteries (pictured above). continued on page 25

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