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44 • RV PRO • December 2019 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T A Long History The history of the Omnia dates back before it was even called Omnia, when it was known as Optimus. "About 15 years ago, when my father was in the marketing industry, he had a customer who sold central heating and air for RVs and boats. It was called Alde. The customer was about to quit production (of the Optimus) when my father said he was interested in buying it and having it as a side business," says Lunden. "My father found new places to manufacture it and began selling it." Success was somewhat slow in coming initially, but with a lot of hard work the product (which was renamed the Omnia in 2003) gained traction in the European market, according to Lunden. "It was a lot of hard work selling to distributors in both the RV and marine sectors. We started in Sweden and then slowly, slowly tried to get it over the borders. It was easier to go to Norway and to the German market, since it's the biggest country in Europe and has a big RV market," he says. "The interest grew bigger and bigger. Since then, we've expanded in different markets throughout Europe, with some of the biggest markets being the Netherlands and France alongside Germany." The first distributor to pick up the Omnia product in Europe was KAMA Fritid. Company Managing Director Jonas Tidqvist says his business first began distributing the Omnia product in 2005 after seeing how versatile it was. "It is a great product that can be used for so many dishes. It is portable, easy to store, easy to use and easy to clean," he says. "Every time we show it at public fairs, people stop by and look at it and try the new baked cookie. It's a high-quality and unique product without any competition." Jumping into the U.S. Market Omnia's parent company is Koala Marketing Co. AB, a private Swedish company owned by Lunden's father, The Omnia stove can be outfitted with various accessories, including a silicone mold that creates a non-stick surface and a silicone muffin tray with six holes for muffins (pictured at right).

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