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46 • RV PRO • December 2019 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T a U.S. address and to be closer to the market. We are still Swedes, so I think we will have a little bit more of a chal- lenge, but we have full confidence in the product. It's super popular in Europe and we see it moving and growing all the time." Ultimately, Lunden says his goal is to get Omnia picked up by one or two of the big distributorship networks and a few key dealerships. "That would be ideal," he says. "We like going local. I think that the people who learn about our product might result in some RV dealers stocking our product. Omnia comes in good packaging and is easy to ship. We basically have no returns. There are no electronic issues or anything fragile about the product itself. We offer fair deals with owners, so they feel comfortable. "We are a super small company in terms of employees, and we don't plan to have a super big organization in the U.S.," he adds. "We can't handle 100 (dealer) customers, so dealer direct would be too much for us to handle. But a combination with distributors would be good." Finding Its Fit Currently, the Omnia stovetop is sold primarily to the RV industry, at 80 percent, with the marine industry accounting for the other 20 percent, according to Lunden. "There's many reasons for that, but our product is a little bit better fit in the RV industry. There's more cooking going on in RVs," he says. "We know that our customers in Europe like Omnia because it offers another dimension of cooking when you are camping. Moving to the U.S., we know that the RV market is so huge that there are of course many RVers Lunden is pictured above at a show in Europe. He has been busy attending RV shows and doing cooking demonstrations in the U.S. in recent months as he works to build recognition for the product in North America.

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