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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • December 2019 • 25 logic behind the rules of the UL standard unfortunately can easily be overlooked. One easy way to look at it, in a very broad umbrella sort of way, is that UL is about fire prevention from short circuits that cause heat. It also mandates sealed, waterproof containment of, and access to, all connectors within the sign. (You must be able to access via a panel, every place where two wires connect). This idea sounds so simple, and it is, until you think it through as to where the connections need to be, and what is or isn't behind that brick wall where they want the letters. And for NEC, the website says that NEC 600 covers the installation of con- ductors and electrical equipment wiring in the field. (Along with a host of other electrical-related grounding issues). Switching gears and being forced to order and pay for a second set of letters because you didn't do your homework is never any fun, especially for the person paying for them. Be the Solution Provider Here is handy-dandy little cheat sheet on lettering (see page 26)—the sign types, categories for each and a basic outline of application, good and bad, and things to watch out for when recommending them. Aside from product knowledge, knowing the client's budget is prob- ably the most critical aspect to being able to recommend the right end result. Understanding their advertising/visibil- ity/informational/safety needs is critical to providing the right solution, for their intended installation site, and for their intended end result. Don't fall into that cheap trap With tongue in cheek I say this: Don't let the cheap skate Italian restaurant owner tell you he thinks that the $600 vinyl lettering option would work just fine on his building when you know darn well that the high-end image of his place, and cool mood-setting ambiance and higher-priced entrées demands a nicer set of channel letters, or at least a set of brass letters to properly address the issue. VISIT CALL 775.829.7272 NEXT LEVEL INSTALLATIONS Raised sign value with dimensional standoff Hardware See our article on sign profit margins using the link below Call to discuss your next project & bring your designs to life

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