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1 0 P R I N T W E A R D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 9 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Your Personal Business Trainer V i n c e D i C e c c o TAKING YOUR WORK TEAM TO THE NEXT LEVEL Does Your Company Have the "IT" Factor? THE IT FACTOR DEFINED The It Factor is an intangible bond be- tween work colleagues that drive each of them to collective excellence. Its compo- nents certainly include synergy, cohesive- ness, and perseverance. It's simply present or it's not. Perhaps there's been a time from your work experience when you and sever- al workers engaged in tackling an arduous project and it was accomplished on time, on or under budget, and exceeded the ex- pectations of all involved. Did anything need to be said about all the after-hours, unpaid effort that was willingly put forth to overcome obstacles and get the job done? To the casual ob- server, it may even have looked like all the pieces just fell into place, but the project contributors know the extra mile that it took to accomplish the task. But among the players, the only acknowledgement was the look of satisfaction, a smile, or a subtle pat on the back. THE IT FACTOR MEASURED You may ask, "So, how can I determine how much of the IT Factor is present in my company?" Although there is no definitive method to quantify the Factor, there are a number of questions you could ask yourself to uncover the degree of It Factor present and in use or its yet untapped potential. Try these questions on for size: • On average, how many days per month/quarter/year are your work- ers absent from or late to work? Un- planned absences and habitual tardi- ness are indicators that, perhaps, your employees don't really want to be there. On the other hand, companies that have an abundance of the It Factor A hh, the holiday season. That time of year when there's peace on the shop floor and good will toward all. No doubt, many of you are planning company parties to com- miserate and celebrate the past year's efforts. As you host the gathering, take time to notice the interaction between your employees. Do they form small clusters of people of similar job functions or is there light-hearted inter-departmental banter? Are workers from differing cultures, backgrounds, job experiences, and/or education comfortable sit- ting next to each other and carrying on a conversation? Business owners and top management should always be concerned about the chemistry among its workforce. You could assemble the most talented employees within the industry and still deal with petty jealousies, territorialism, and in-fighting. Yet, I've seen and worked at companies that, individually, had slightly above-average employees, but because they bonded well were able to accomplish things beyond their potential on paper. This is the catalyst that gives an ordinary company the It Factor. Does your business have it? If not, is there a way to nurture, encourage, or attain it? If it does, are you leveraging it to its fullest extent? In this month's installment of this column, we will explore what the It Factor is, how to determine if your business has it, and what to do with it once it's realized. Let's roll, shall we?

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