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2 0 1 9 D E C E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 1 3 details from the series in the final image we created from scratch. DOWN HOME PRINTING The template and inspiration for our up- dated T-shirt would be of an old rugged sign on the side of the road. We referenced photos to get the layout started and pro- ceeded to build the framework in Adobe Illustrator so we could move around ele- ments and scale shapes for the desired ar- rangement. Working from the reference, we noticed multiple vintage typestyles. We chose bolder fonts because of the texture overlays we would be using. The sign layout had nice breaks in it for shirt show-through that would help keep the final print ultra-soft. We added a secondary piece of signage to display a little photo atmosphere for the event, as well. The layout would get its full texture makeover in Photoshop where we reopened the file. The color theory stayed fairly primary as that never goes out of style and makes for good bal- ance. We kept most elements on their own layer so we could isolate selections for effects to be easily applied. Utilizing the Layer Effects, we were able to highlight layers and with Bevel and Emboss options added light and shadow. We planned to underlay with white in areas to tint inks lighter, and at the same time, darker areas would have areas removed. The inks would darken on the black substrate for heavy shadow. This gave us secondary colors without adding extra screens. We wanted a heavy textural, wood, vintage, beat up, old school sign. The weathering need- ed to be exaggerated. We ended up using 23 different texture maps ranging from wood to Our original family reunion shirt was thrown together with a one- color design put together with images from a basic clipart project. Our most recent reunion shirt pays homage to the Netflix series Ozark, with more colors and effects than the original done in the '90s.

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