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2 0 1 9 D E C E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 3 9 INKSOFT "Online personalization and customiza- tion technology will continue to grow in 2020," says JP Hunt, co-founder of Ink- Soft. As shops and decorators continually seek new and better ways to service their customers and enhance the online shop- ping experience, Hunt says there's room for growth in both areas. Additionally, Hunt says he believes e- commerce will sustain. "Historically, e- commerce transactions and adoption has increased year-over-year," Hunt contends. "New innovations in social-driven e-commerce platforms and marketing tools will drive more e-commerce share of transactions over traditional retail spend." HIRSCH SOLUTIONS Ed Levy, director of software technol- ogy at Hirsch Solutions, projects that direct-to-garment will continue to grow as the new year picks up speed. "The DTG market segment is still in its infancy, and there is a strong push by manufacturers to print faster, print more vibrant colors, and to print on a wider variety of materials," he notes. Meanwhile, Levy says he believes embroidery will continue to sustain. "While there are different niches with- in embroidery that gain and lose popu- larity, embroidery is here to stay (as an) embellishment type," Levy states. PRINTAVO Bruce Ackerman, founder of Printavo, says he sees mobile con- tinuing to grow in the coming year. Having access to everything on-the-go, from production to sales, will be a continued trend, he says. "Our world is becoming increasingly connected from a further distance," adds Ackerman. "The walls are breaking down to run your business from outside of your warehouse, and it's very exciting." Ackerman sees overall efficiency as a steadfast trend for shops. "Automation in shops will be pushed to the max," he says. "As your business grows, overhead starts eating heavily at your profit. The only way to slim down and generate more profit is (to) get more efficient through reducing waste and increasing automa- tion. Reducing steps, eliminating waste, becoming more accu- rate, and reducing bottlenecks will all be driven from automation and data analytics of your shop." RICOMA Ricoma COO Henry Ma says the online sphere will continue to grow in 2020. "The rise of online DIY customization shows no signs of stopping, as person- alized apparel continues to trend in the custom apparel industry," he elaborates. "Online interactive product configura- tors make it easy for consumers to take a product, configure it to their liking (e.g., choose shirt style, color, design size) and have it sent directly to them." For timeless trends, Ma suggests dis- ciplines like direct-to-garment, embroi- dery, and screen printing will stand the test of time since "brands continue to seek exposure and consumers continue to buy personalized apparel to showcase individuality."

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