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4 0 P R I N T W E A R D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 9 RYONET "I like to study parallel industries to get some insight on how our industry's technology could develop and change," comments Ryan Moor, founder and CEO of Ryonet. "If we look at what's happening with pa- per/offset printing, I think it gives a good view into what we can expect with T-shirts and screen print- ing." Moor says printers will continue to focus on efficiencies in the screen-printing process. "Digital will gain a foothold, but CTS/DTS, registration, and on-press options are increasing and, in fact, merging with digital, giving screen printing a continued viable seat at the table." EPSON "Digital fabric printing will continue to grow in demand as more customers seek to buy unique garments, while retailers look to refresh their racks more often," says Mark Radogna, strategic marketing, Epson America Inc. "Newer digital direct-to-fabric printing technologies will start to emerge in 2020 and become more top-of-mind for fabric printers looking to create custom and unique natural fiber fabrics for the cut-and-sew markets." TECH TECH FORECAST2020 GROUPESTAHL Josh Ellsworth, GroupeSTAHL senior vice president enterprise and dealer sales sees a continuation of gar- ment decorating businesses seeking "technology that offers better ways to sell online, and that includes creat- ing custom websites for specific groups, teams, schools, and fundraising clients." Ted Stahl, executive chairman and founder, GroupeSTAHL, adds that heat-printing technology continues to endure because of its customization possibilities and "made-to-order flexibility." "Heat printing allows garment decorators to create any type of effect, from full color to neon or metallic to athletic silicone and reflective, in any quantity on any type of fabric," says Stahl. "It makes made-to-order and on-demand printing possible, which is something decorators of all sizes request and require."

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