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2 0 1 9 D E C E M B E R P R I N T W E A R 4 3 Some screens might have a stain (or ghost) in the mesh of the image even after removing the emulsion. To remove this, try a stronger ink degradant or a specialty haze remover. The last step in the reclaim process is to degrease your screen with a degreaser. This is one of the most important steps but is the most skipped. Degreasing chemical is also the least expensive of all the screen-printing chemicals. By degreasing your screen, you prevent getting fisheyes on your emulsion and help eliminate issues with your emul- sion adhering to your mesh. Once your screen is cleaned and de- greased, you want to store it somewhere to dry. Make sure the area is dust free. A drying box is always recommended as it fil- ters and circulates hot air to help speed up screen drying, especially in high humidity areas. EQUIPMENT TO RECLAIM AND CLEAN A SCREEN The first decision you will need to make is whether to automate screen cleaning. If you are a small shop and want to do all the screen reclaiming work yourself or trust it to someone you hire (usually part-time or for a minimum wage), then you can save money and not invest in automation. As a small shop, you should still make the calcu- lation of how much your time, both shop time and the free time you are giving up, is worth. All small business owners know that time and workflow are your most valuable resources. If you have employees working for you and want the safest working environment possible as well as the benefits of automa- tion, it may be time to automate. The benefits of automation are plenty. You will gain consistency throughout the day by eliminating variables, such as op- erator attention deficit issues, operator fatigue, inadequate training, and incon- sistent application of standard operating procedures. Additionally, automatic screen For more sure fire tips on screen cleaning and reclaiming, check out When a screen is properly reclaimed and cleaned, its longevity on-press multiplies. (Image courtesy Easiway Systems)

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