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January '20

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customers? You have the technology to do it, the substrates are there. What are you waiting for? Bring the profit home — find out how to do it with the following article. THE COMFORTS OF HOME Home décor products have always held a position of importance. Everyone wants a touch to their home that offers both comfort and beauty. But in the past several years, the rise of home products that are customized has noticeably grown. "Customized home décor is really an offshoot of current interior design trends that began a few years ago," explains George Privateer, Johnson Plastics Plus. "There's been a shift from a postmodern interior aesthetic to a more rustic and eclectic look that was driven by interior design TV shows. The ability to personalize items makes them all the more unique." Along with the idea that mainstream television featuring trendy home patterns has helped push growth toward person- alized products is the influence of social media. "Increasing popularity of social media outlets such as Pinterest and Ins- tagram that showcase personalized home décor regularly has driven the interest for people to create a special and personal feel to the décor with their homes," states Stephanie Barrett, Salisbury Inc. How often do you hear about Pinterest projects (and those that have gone horribly wrong) or a person explaining that they found a neat home addition project on Facebook? As more avenues of influence appear, more people push to have their homes stand out. What better way to stand out than with personalized products? "People don't want their house to look like everyone else's," Dan Messerschmidt, JDS Industries, says. The best way to make sure it looks like no one else's is to have customized items com- pletely individualized to your tastes and family story. General, everyday items like pillowcases, coasters, picture frames, place- mats, and yes, even drinkware, go from traditional to unique simply by adding the family's last name. And the best part is, everyone wants them. PROFIT POWER For the awards retailer hoping to break into the personalized home décor market, it's important to note that these items speak to every homeowner, no matter the demo- graphic. From budget-friendly coasters and wall décor to high-end crystal trinket boxes and clocks, there's something for everyone. A&E JANUARY 2020 • 9 Wall art and décor can be personalized in a variety of ways, including full-color and engraving, but it also comes in a variety of shapes and substrates, making it a versatile item to offer in the home décor segment. IMAGES COURTESY LRI

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