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14 • A&E JANUARY 2020 C ustomized gifts continue to get better and, of course, blingier. You can now easily create fun, unique, and blingy flip-sequin pillowcases using sublimation transfers. Sublimation transfers are an easy, low cost decorating solution for this use that gives you a soft and lightweight finish. The sequins on the pillowcase we're using in this tutorial have a polyester coating, allowing you to use sublimation. When sub- limation ink is heated, it turns from a solid to a gas that transfers itself into the fibers of the polyester surface. This means that you'll have a permanently printed design that won't crack or peel. This also means that the sur- face texture of what you're decorating is left intact, so you don't have worry about losing the shininess of the sequins with the print. The blingy-ness level of the sequins remains the same before and after printing. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES • Sublimation transfer (you can upload your artwork using the Stahls' Art- work Uploader and have your custom sublimation transfer sent to your door and ready to heat apply) • Heat press (used here: Hotronix Fusion IQ) • Flip-sequin pillowcase (used here: reversible sequin sublimation pillow- case 16" X 16" from Coastal Business Supplies) • Kraft paper cover sheet Application Settings: • Time: 60 seconds • Temperature: 395 F • Pressure: Medium • Peel: Hot STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL Step One: Getting your design ready Upload your custom artwork using Stahls' Custom Artwork Uploader. Tip: If you want to cover the entire sub- limatable area, make the background of your artwork slightly larger than the item's printable area, or with a bleed, creating an overhang to ensure that edges of the pillowcase are fully covered during application. For this example, because the printable area is 16" X 16", I made my artwork 16.4" X 16.4". Note: Images on the transfer paper will appear "faded" until pressed. Step Two: Preparing for heat application Place the pillowcase face-up on the platen. As the Creative Merchandising Manager for GroupeSTAHL, Sarah Montreuil brings garment decora- tion to life through samples, photo shoots, and merchandising. For more information, visit By Sarah Montreuil Try This: Personalize a Flip-Sequin Pillow Step two (above): place the pillowcase face-up on the platen. See text for detailed instructions. ALL IMAGES COURTESY SARAH MONTREUIL Step three: don't worry if every little sequin along the edges isn't flipped — it won't affect the overall look of the finished product. Step four: place the transfer face-down on the pillowcase and press.

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