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January '20

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A&E JANUARY 2020 • 15 Tip: If using an oversized design like the one in this example, place a cover sheet under the pillow to cover the surface of the platen so that the excess area of the print transfers onto the kraft paper rather than the platen. Step Three: Pillowcase prep Swipe all sequins to the white side. Make sure to get sequins along the edges — due to the nature of the seam, you might not be able to get every little sequin along the edges to flip over, which is okay! It won't affect the overall look of the finished product if some are left behind. Step Four: Application Place the sublimation transfer face- down on the pillowcase. Gently place one hand on top of the transfer to hold the paper in place, and with the other hand, lightly feel around the edge of the transfer to ensure the print is covering all the desired sequins. Apply your transfer using the applica- tion instructions listed, and just like that, you have a uniquely decorated item. Tip: Please note that settings will vary depending on equipment used. Your finished product. A&E

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