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24 • A&E JANUARY 2020 1. Custom stickers One of the beautiful things about custom stickers is that they can be produced in any size, any shape, and any quantity. Get creative with your branding, hand out something that has a clever play on words, or feature a meme that grabs people's attention. People love stickers, and in addition to the surprise and delight factor, stickers are also likely to be stuck in places where others will see the mes- saging and branding, maximizing reach. 2. Labeled Water Bottles Water is something that everyone needs, especially in the dry, air-con- ditioned environments of the typical indoor event or in the summertime. Pick up a few cases of water and deco- rate them with customized labels to create mini portable billboards for your or your customer's brand. 3. Fridge Magnets Fridge magnets are an item that almost no one buys for themselves, but one that people do use if it's a gift to attach notes, calendars, and pictures to a fridge. People will place them in a high-traffic area that they use every day, which means that people will see the brand whenever they pop by for a glass of milk, put away gro- ceries, or sneak a soda from the fridge. 4. Temporary Tattoos The fun factor of temporary tattoos is palpable. Easy to put on and remove, these help your client's brand stand out, especially during the warmer months. Try them at outdoor festi- vals and events to maximize exposure of your brand as well. 5. Bumper Stickers Creating a funny message or cute meme with the brand for the back of someone's vehicle using a customized bumper sticker is a great way to spread the company's message on the road. 6. Hats with Custom Patches Spruce up a plain cap with a custom branded patch. These are especially useful to give away during warm, sunny months when they are more likely to be used. 7. Branded Phone Wallets Everyone is on their smartphones these days. Why not take advantage of the available real estate? Phone wallets are a great way to get your or your cus- tomer's brand on these mini moving billboards. Imagine the number of times someone brings a smartphone out to look at the time, to Google something, or to text, and now imagine being exposed that many times as well. 8. Branded Keyrings Put your client's brand on one of the most important items in a person's pocket: the keyring. They will be reminded of the company each time they pull out the keys to drive or to enter their home. 8 Unique Promotional Products to Add to Your Business By Ward Stewart, Director of Production Operation at StickerYou A re you interested in adding promotional products to your lineup, but want to branch out from the traditional paperweights and keychains? Check out the following list, where you will find eight idea-starters on some unique promo- tional items you can offer to your customers or use to promote your own business. A&E ALL IMAGES COURTESY STICKERYOU

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