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34 • A&E JANUARY 2020 Next I chose the star, and again clicked Apply. (Note: the black outline and shadow were created before the effect was applied. The resulting effect is rendered as a bitmap on top of the base object and must be broken apart if it is to be edited.) T h e n e x t m a j o r o p t i o n : St y l e i s changed to Emboss. Figure 5 shows this effect on the same text as before. Light Controls are set to Shadow Color = Black and Light Color = White. Altering these colors can create some interesting results, so I encourage one to experiment a bit with color options here. This effect is entirely a vector result, no bitmaps. Though not often used, the Bevel effect can, on occasion, be a valuable and useful asset to our arsenal of design tools. OTHER 3-D EFFECTS There are some other 3-D effects pos- sible. Figure 6 has a couple of effects applied. First the text was selected and an inside contour created. Broken apart, the contour was selected and duplicated directly on top, the color changed for clarity, and nudged slightly to the right and down. Then the other contour was shift-selected and Trim pressed. The result was filled with white. The process was repeated, but the duplicate was nudged to the left and up and again trimmed. This result was filled with a dark blue, and the duplicated con- tour deleted. At this point, some node editing was needed to get a mitered corner in the many places where the white and dark blue overlap. The faded shadow was added with the Extrude tool. The text was selected and given an outside black contour, then broken apart. With only the contour selected, I chose the Extrude tool and dragged a shadow to the right and down. (Note: there are six choices for Extrusion type; I chose Fig 4 Fig 5

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