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8 All the Comforts of Home: Breaking into the Home Décor Market In the past several years, the rise of customized home products has noticeably grown. Capitalize on this growing trend with these tips and insights. 14 Try This: Personalize a Flip-Sequin Pillow This tutorial from Sarah Montreuil, GroupeStahl, teaches you how to create fun, unique, and blingy flip-sequin pillowcases using sublimation transfers. 16 Product Focus: Promotional Products From keychains to paperweights, and the equipment to personalize them, get ready to offer promotional products that pack a punch. 24 8 Unique Promotional Products to Add to Your Business This quick list contains eight idea-starters on some unique promotional items you can offer to your customers or use to promote your own business. 46 That's Odd! How to UV Print on Odd-Shaped Items There's no reason to fear UV printing on odd-shaped items — use these tips to achieve top-quality results on even the trickiest of products. 48 Understanding UV Printing Applications: UV-LED Q&A Craig Smith, Innovative Digital Systems, sits down with A&E to discuss the basic application practices for UV-LED printing. 52 Custom Gifts: Apparel Decorating Sublimation, heat-transfer vinyl, and even laser engraving can all be used to decorate apparel items. Stock up on these products using this product spotlight. 60 Rotary Engraving: The Seasoned Veteran of Professional Marking Learn why rotary engraving remains one of the most versatile and effective marking methods available to the awards and personalization industry. 68 Exercise for Your Physical and Mental Health Most people know they should exercise, but many excuses often get in the way. Kevin Lumberg, Duraluxe, offers some personal examples of why you shouldn't give in to those excuses. FEATURES January 2020 Volume 32 • Number 12 CONTENTS 2 • A&E JANUARY 2020 8 16 24

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