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38 • A&E JANUARY 2020 graphic, you may also use your laser inter- face settings to alter your laser power and speed for each color. For consistency and repeatability, I choose to alter the graphic. With vector art you can simply select each object of the graphic and then select a fill color from your palette or use the color docker: Window>Dockers>Color. A docker opens to the right side of your screen and contains all the commands and settings for that tool. You can open all the dockers you use often so they are tabbed on the right side of your workspace for quick use. For altering the shape of graphic objects, use your Shape tool. Your tool box is on your left side and the Shape tool is the second tool down. I, as well as others, have written articles about altering shapes and tracing objects that can be found on the A&E web- site ( Preparing a bitmap for lasering can be accomplished with Corel PHOTO-PAINT, but basic bitmap tools are available in Corel- DRAW. Your Crop tool is located in your left side tool box, the third tool down. To change a color bitmap to grayscale, go to Bitmaps>Mode>grayscale. You can edit the bitmap with the full set of tools by going to Bitmaps>Edit Bitmap. Corel PHOTO- PAINT will open; after you make your changes be sure to save the file. In PHOTO-PAINT, I typically erase stray pixels around the image, remove the background, or alter colors. The tools for these can be found in PHOTO-PAINT, the Eraser tool in the tool box on the left side, 12 tools down. When removing a background, use these steps: • Create an object out of the bitmap: Object>Create>From Background. Next use the Mask tool. • Mask tool: found in the tool box, second tool down — I typically use the Magic Wand Mask (w). The key setting is the Tolerance (property bar, which is the second bar under your menu). The Tolerance setting uses a low number to allow you to select specific areas of the bitmap, and the higher the number, the greater the tolerance or more of the You can access PHOTO-PAINT from within CorelDRAW to have a full set of bitmap editing tools. The Color docker is easy to use for vector art. You can quickly turn a full-color bitmap into a black-and-white or grayscale image. You can access all of your fonts and the power of the Font Manager from within CorelDRAW.

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