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A&E JANUARY 2020 • 39 background you can select at once. I start with a setting of 25 to 30. • If this setting selects portions of the graphic you don't want to delete, use a lower setting and undo by pressing Ctrl+Z, or from your Menu, Mask>Remove Mask (Ctrl+Shift+R). Try again with a new setting. When all the background you want to delete is selected, simply use your delete key, remove your mask as described above, and save the graphic. To change a color, use these steps: • From your Menu, select Adjust> Replace Colors. Now, use your Eye Dropper to select the color you want to replace and then select a color to replace it with. • Use the Eye Dropper or press the down arrow next to the present color and navigate to the desired color and press OK. PHOTO PREPARATION I use PhotoGrav 3 for preparing photos to laser. There are tools in both Corel- DRAW and PHOTO-PAINT to convert an image to black and white and grayscale. In CorelDRAW, select your image and go to Bitmaps>Mode, and select Black and White, Grayscale, or Duotone. If you select Black and White, your image will be trans- formed into a pixelated image. You can select the desired pattern and experiment with which one you like the best and which one works best with the style of photo you are working with. If you want a grayscale image, Duo- tone allows you to lighten, darken, and create the best contrast at the same time as you are converting the image. These tools may work for you; however, if the results are not what you are looking for, there is other software such as PhotoGrav specifi- cally designed to prepare photos for laser engraving. FONT SELECTION AND STYLING Newer versions of Corel come with Corel Font Manager. It allows you to manage all your fonts and even create Col- lections by categories you create. You also don't have to install all of your fonts to use them within CorelDRAW. Select your Text tool, which is 10th down in your tool box. Click within your workspace to create Artistic text, or click and pull out a Paragraph text box at any size you want. The Font list on your property bar will be activated and a list of fonts will drop down. Make sure the funnel at the top is selected so you have a filter list on the right side. This allows you to filter which fonts are listed. Filters include: installed, not installed, your custom-created Collections, just the fonts in your open document, etc. If you select a font not installed, it will use it and not install it, so don't build up a list of installed fonts that slow down your PC. Laser Engraving

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