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A&E JANUARY 2020 • 45 COST Can you say free? There is a no-cost option, but if you feel there aren't enough designs, then there is also a subscription option. Getting started with the no-cost option is great when learning the program. As time goes on, however, having access to some premium royalty-free graphics without having to search and upload them makes the subscription base a great option. BRINGING BALANCE As I mentioned, you have to have the internet to access CreativeStudio. For some people, that can be a problem if the internet is down or if you have a laptop computer and it isn't wireless. However, that being said, most computers sold today have wireless capabilities. The other limitation as of today is that you can't upload other fonts. However, that may change in the future. Sawgrass makes the effort to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, and as it is ever-changing, so are they. STEPS TO CREATE A DESIGN Step One: Sign in to your CreativeStudio account. Step Two: Select the template you would like to use from the Products drop- down menu. Sublimation Step Three: For this tutorial, I designed a baby bib. Go to Products, then Baby & Toddler. Step Four: With your substrate picked out, you now have the option to choose a ready-made design or create your own. Step Five: Under Images, then Animals & Pets, I chose the mama bear and her cub. Click on the image. Step Six: You want to size it proportion- ally to your substrate. Once it is sized cor- rectly, you can add another image or text. Step Seven: With the image high- lighted, notice the colors on the right of the page that are coordinated with your image. If you want to use them for adding text, follow the next steps. Adding matching colors for text: 1. Click on whichever color you want to add. A second window will open up with the color you highlighted. Name the color and then save it. 2. To find and pick your color, go up to Select Palette and then chose My ColorSure Palette. Step Eight: To add text to your design, click on the T and the text box will appear. Step Nine: 1. Place and size your text 2. Choose font 3. Change color and apply (see above sub-steps in Step Seven) 4. Click OK Step Ten: You are ready to print and press. CreativeStudio saves you countless hours of searching for designs, particularly ones that you can legally use. A&E Fine Detail Engraving Engraving Cutters, Vinyl Blades and Router Tools for all your sign making needs. 1.800.355.5250

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