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January '20

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A&E JANUARY 2020 • 57 Sandcarving version that would show off the least amount of discrepancies in the resist application pro- cess. At that point, he decided to go ahead and cut the pattern on the plotter using our standard 11-mil soft vinyl resist for carving. Not only is this material tough enough for carving but also soft enough to conform to all sorts of shapes. The ball was in my court and I had to come up with a method of applying this strangely shaped stencil to the bowl. I placed the stencil onto the flat bottom of the bowl and then bent the "flaps" upward to find a point when the design seemed to be centered, more or less. Once I had it where I wanted it, I taped one of the flaps down to the bowl. I then carefully lifted the whole stencil off the bowl so that I could begin removing the backing paper from the stencil at another point. I then replaced the stencil onto the bowl and adhered it on one area of the glass. This assured that the design wouldn't shift on me anymore. I began removing more and more of the backing paper from the various flaps and carefully applied the resist to the bowl, always in the hope that the pattern would come together. There were a couple of spots where the resist ended up overlapping flaps onto each other, and in a few other spots I was confronted with gaps that I knew I would have to bridge. With projects like this, it is clear from the beginning that I will have to do some patching up. Using bits and pieces of resist material, I closed gaps and realigned pieces where the design overlapped, finally getting to The cut stencil with the gaps to accommodate the curvature loosely applied to the bowl. Taping one spot of the stencil to the bowl and then placing it back onto the bowl. Lifting the stencil off the backing paper; cutting the backing paper off to adhere the stencil. The stencil is completely applied, showing some overlaps. I slowly peeled off the cover sheet from the stencil surface, making sure that no stencil pieces got removed with it.

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