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A&E JANUARY 2020 • 59 Sandcarving the point that I could start thinking about blasting the design. Since the bowl had a nicely polished wide rim, I made sure that it was taped off for the blasting process. BLASTING THE BOWL Numbering my pattern for proper sequencing, I came away with 10 separate stages to blast. I set up my blasting cabinet for the job by moving my light to shine from overhead onto the glass as I would be blasting. I knew I would have to vary my pressure settings a couple of times because of the different sizes of the shapes to be blasted: some were quite large, while others were smaller and narrow. In general, I blasted between 25 and 40 pounds of pressure, making sure that I did not blast too deep into the glass in order to avoid compromising its integrity. One needs to keep in mind what the recipient of the item may do with it. Yes, we always give the customer instruc- tions on how to care for the object, but there is no telling what may happen to it, and with this bowl, I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up in a dishwasher. If the carving were too deep, the bowl might break being subjected to such treatment. The carving process moved forward at a steady pace and was accomplished in less than an hour, even though I had to stop every now and then to readjust the resist where lines did not match up or add a small piece of tape to close a gap. After the rose was finished, I still needed to add the name of the bride and groom as well as the date to the bowl. That information was translated into photoresist stencils (we used R3), which I applied after all the carving was done. I decided to add the names and date to the inside of the bowl to minimize the distor- tion that otherwise would happen when viewed from the outside of the curved bowl. Blasting this part took the shortest amount of time and completed the project nicely; the taping off took more time than anything. All in all, I think our customer can rest assured that she indeed came up with a unique wedding gift; I hope her niece will cherish the bowl. © Ruth L Dobbins 2020 A&E For Advertising Inquiries, Call: 800-669-0424

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