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A&E JANUARY 2020 • 63 graphics import as vector line art. The line art is then filled with tool paths that the engraver follows to complete the job. Tool path spacing is generated automatically based on the engraving tool parameters set in the software. A handy feature in the software (if avail- able) is the ability to simulate the engraving on screen prior to physically engraving the job. The simulation allows the operator to check the details of the engraving to ensure the proper tool size and spacing is used to create the engraving as precisely as needed. (Figure 3) Step Three: Once the artwork is ready and all other settings are in place, it is time to send the job to the engraver. When engraving plastic, the protective masking can be left on the surface to help prevent ghosting and minor surface scratching. (Figure 4) In some cases, however, leaving the masking on is not practical. When cutting out a shape such as a sign blank, leaving the masking on during cutting helps protect the rest of the substrate for future use. Step Four: After cutting out the blank from the substrate, the masking can be removed from the blank and the pro- cess of engraving the graphics can begin. Depending on the complexity of the shapes, different sized bits may be needed, requiring tool changes throughout the job. (Figure 5) Once the engraving is complete, the new sign is ready to be removed from the engraver. (Figure 6) Step Five: The new sign can now have any finishing touches added, such as fixtures or frame options. (Figure 7) Rotary engraving is the tried-and-true seasoned veteran of professional marking. In today's high-tech world, rotary engraving continues to offer great value to clients, customers, and hobbyists alike. The tech- nology adds great flexibility, versatility, and profit to those who have already discovered the latest and greatest but still seek that one last tool to complete their arsenal of fabrication potential. Fig 6 Fig 7 A&E

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