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A&E JANUARY 2020 • 69 MY HISTORY WITH EXERCISE I can say that my history with exercise has been less than stellar. I have always been active, so I was getting periodic exercise, but I never really got into an exercise habit. I had all of the excuses that we all have: too tired to exercise… not enough time… I will do it tomorrow… you probably have gone through those same things. As each year passed, I added a few pounds onto the pounds I had already accumulated. About a year and a half ago, I could tell that I was getting slug- gish and out of shape. I was working at an apparel company that manufactured a line of cycling apparel. Most of the employees there were avid cyclists. They kept asking me when I was going to take up cycling, but I kept making excuses. I have always fully immersed myself in jobs that I had to learn as much as I can about the market, as I feel it gives me a fuller understanding of the markets. For that reason, I finally overcame my excuses. I went to a local bike shop, purchased a road bike, and started riding. I started out slowly but gradually started riding more and more, and for longer distances. I also started some easier group rides. Note about group exercise: Many of the small-business people in the subli- mation world work out of their home, so another bonus with many types of exercise programs is that they are group- based. That allows you to have personal interactions that you may not get during your work time. As I got into riding regularly, I found that I really looked forward to my ride time. I used this time to put my thoughts in order for the day, and it was certainly a great way to relieve my stress. I started sleeping better, had more energy, and over the first month and a half, I lost 20 pounds. For the winter, I purchased a trainer stand that I could mount my bike on. I found some YouTube video interval training videos. I put my bike in front of a TV and it was like I was on a group interval ride. I am a big fan of technology, and there is an app for everything — there are apps that allow you to chart your workouts and challenge yourself. Best of all, you can link up to other people, cheer them on, and receive kudos yourself. This is a great way to motivate yourself to stay with an exercise program. One great way to get outdoors is taking your pet for a walk. Here I am taking my dog for a lunch walk. IMAGE COURTESY KEVIN LUMBERG

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