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January '20

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WHAT DO OUR PEERS SAY Sublimation & More is a Facebook group community where sublimators can share ideas and help each other. I asked the members how exercise worked for them, and they shared the following feedback. Debbie W.B.: "I just started (a couple of weeks ago) on Beachbody (not that I plan on having one but needed to get into shape and daughter is a BB coach). It really helps get me going in the morning and makes me more mindful of what I put in my mouth, too." Brittney C.: "I need to get back into exercising. It does make me feel so much better. But I do have to say even without regularly exercising, if I start getting mess-ups or frustrated with something not working right (equipment, etc.) — if I just take the time to step away, have a small break, and get back to it, I tend to feel less stress, have a clearer mind, and end up saving time because I don't make as many mistakes." Debora T.: "Since I have started designing and working more at home than outside the house, I have put on about 40 pounds and started having issues with cir- culation from sitting at my desk for hours without moving! My plan has been to start some kind of an exercise program, then I think of a design idea and don't do it. Ugh." Kathy N.: "I work in my basement and have to run up the stairs countless times a day to talk with customers, eat, drink, and use the bathroom. That is my exercise and it works wonders." Tamera C.: "While I don't run a small business doing crafts, I am a freelance consultant. I took up yoga in March this year and it really has given me something I needed. I love the expression 'take your yoga off the mat.' We learn to breathe, clear your mind, focus, not to mention the regular yoga stuff like the flexibility. It's so important that I can't imagine my life now without yoga." Jayme C. "Not just for our business but for everyone, exercise is great at low- ering stress. My husband has a stressful job as well. About a year and a half ago, my husband, three out of my four boys (one is too young still), and I all started karate together. I have noticed that not only have we gotten stronger, but it helps give us an outlet for our stress." 70 • A&E JANUARY 2020

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