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34 THE SHOP JANUARY 2020 New technology strengthens installations & helps with client communication. A uto Action implemented web- based applications just over 10 years ago in order to help our back-end efficiency when routing our electronics technicians to various dealer- ship client locations. During this time, our restyling business began to grow in several areas including leather, sunroofs and heated seats, which required us to transport vehicles to and from one of our locations to have the work performed. The apps we built helped us grow this type of business quickly through the high level of efficiency they provided to manage the various tasks. The last piece of app development was the sales module, which allowed our salespeople to enter orders, see customer invoices and month-to-date sales, and so on. Over the years, the apps have become stronger through feature updates and enhancements. We believe one of the most important web-based products we've built is our quality control protocol and checklists. WHAT'S APP-ENING Technicians are required to check in to their particular jobs through an app. They must answer a series of questions about the vehicle's interior, exterior and certain electronic functionality (depending on the installation). The program also allows them to add images of damage or other issues, if needed. Once the installation is completed, the technician must then run through the online post checklist. This is similar to the pre-check with a few additions regarding functionality of the technology installed, along with after-images of how the vehicle was left for the customer. Auto Action is also currently in the pro- cess of testing these apps with our vehicle pick-up and delivery staff. The process is very similar but includes a video of the vehi- cle's exterior along with an interior video. Our dealers have been receptive to this process, as they also do similar pre-checks when receiving a customer's vehicle in the service drive. Every retail customer Auto Action works with has a full video inspection recorded of his or her vehicle that they are required to sign off on. This adds a key level of insur- ance/protection for our customers and they appreciate the process as well. FLEET WORK Auto Action's presence in the profes- sional/fleet business has taught us quite a bit over the last year-and-a-half. Our fleet customers have been located not only in the Tri-State area of New York/New Jersey where we have the largest reach, but all across the country. I am confident that without these apps we would not have been able to grow as quickly as we have in the professional fleet sector. These companies recognize professionalism and it's not always about the lowest cost when installing technology on their fleet vehicles. Apps Make It Happen By Jared Cohen Apps can help shops with scheduling, workflow, client communication and related aspects of automotive service.

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