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JANUARY 2020 THE SHOP 35 Performing installations to meet our cus- tomers' needs has required significant work on the backend. We must ensure that when a client signs a contract with us we are handling each and every installation the same exact way. We've created a process where our ser- vice director is the first person to engage the client. We build our own customized installation guide through images we take of the first prototype installation and this gets added to the checksheet app. Now, when a technician goes onsite to a particular client, they must check into the pre-installation app and then, once complete, it allows them to walk through the install with images step by step. In some cases we require the technician to upload an image of the harnessed product to ensure the quality of the install matches our pre- determined instructions. An additional layer comes when we have large installation engagements where we have technicians at a jobsite along with team leads. A technician can login to begin his installation but may not be able to pass a stop point until the lead comes over and approves the work at that stage. The lead can then enter his own four-digit code, which allows the tech to move for- ward. This is reported to us on a PDF email that is sent at job completion. It allows us to not only verify the technician's work, but that the lead checked the work as well. The four-digit codes change for each engagement and are texted prior to installation. FULL SERVICE All of our technicians on a fleet jobsite must wear a reflective vest along with our custom Auto Action badge that includes a photo. A lot of these additional steps and proce- dures have been adopted from one of our more recent projects working with the New York City Transit Authority (MTA). Auto Action has become a strong installation partner to companies now that we have the ability to provide labor as an approved and certified company to the MTA. These systems and protocols are helping us grow our reputation, not only with the various hardware providers of telematics, ADAS technology, etc. to provide the highest level of quality installations, but also with fleet customers directly. I am confident that without these apps we would not have been able to grow as quickly as we have in the professional fleet sector. These companies recognize pro- fessionalism and it's not always about the lowest cost when installing technology on their fleet vehicles. The next step for Auto Action is to launch our next stage of custom mobile apps right after the new year. This will not only allow us to monitor our installations but allow our clients (either the end-user or the hardware provider) to monitor the vehicle and our installations, as well enjoy a bunch of other features for the fleet at the touch of a button. This program will change the way instal- lation support and maintenance companies communicate with clients and will allow us to partner with many installation compa- nies nationwide on engagements. If you would like to learn more about this technology or how to get involved, please reach out to me through the contact information below and I will be happy to walk you through the process. Simplifying the systems and processes for both our employees and our clients allows our shops to manage the growth we are experiencing as well as deliver more than just quality installations to our clients. JARED COHEN, CEO of Auto Action Group Inc. in New York & New Jersey, was named SEMA Restyler of the Year for 2018- '19. Coming into its 42nd year in business, Auto Action Group offers a wide variety of electronics, appearance packages and financial service products, allowing it to service all departments of the new car dealer. The company's new growth focus is on the advancement of safety tech- nology & the Vision Zero movement. Email Jared at Auto Action implemented web-based applications just over 10 years ago in order to help our backend efficiency when routing our electronics technicians to various dealership client locations. App features and abilities have grown over the years.

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