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JANUARY 2020 THE SHOP 41 PRECISION ENGINE ture lash adjuster cups that provide a wide range of adjustment for fine-tuning, from bottomed-out to approximately a safe 0.080 inches maximum of cup extension (one full rotation of 360-degrees, resulting in 0.040 inches of adjustment). Note that our setup is Harland Sharp's prototype system for the AFR heads. Nor- mally, all of the firm's rocker bodies are gold anodized, but this set was produced to meet our rather tight deadline, which is why this set was not anodized. NEXT TIME We'll finish up this LS build and see how we did. MIKE MAVRIGIAN owns and operates Birchwood Automotive in Creston, Ohio, where he builds custom engines and street rods and performs vehicle restorations. He has written thousands of technical articles, as well as nine books on automotive technology during the past 30 years. Mike can be reached at (330) 435-6347 or birch- Visit Birchwood's website at Rather than using a boring and ugly OE valley plate, we opted for Holley's truss-surface aluminum plate that features a threaded bung. While the bung was intended for use with the supplied fill cap, we installed an adapter and a filter, using this valley location for crankcase breathing. The CFM adapter screws directly into the Holley bung, as it features the same thread size as Holley's fill cap. The Holley valley plate secures to the engine block with 12 8mm x 1.25 screws. ARP polished stainless screws were em- ployed, in addition to two socket head cap screws that secure the oil pressure sender adapter. The WP-333 Meziere electric water pump is rated to provide a whopping 55 gpm flow and easily handles 600-plus-hp applica- tions. Overall depth is 7.110". The inlet hose nipple accepts a 1.750" hose.

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