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52 THE SHOP JANUARY 2020 its cold-start qualities and fuel efficiency, even over 0W-20 grades. The biggest misconception regarding Performance Oil & Fluid products is … … not understanding problems found in some street performance vehicles. Low-speed pre-ignition, also called LSPI or super knock, arose around the development of turbo- charged direct-injection engines. They're more fuel efficient, but the high-pressure combustion chambers sometimes caused spontaneous fuel combustion without spark. API developed the SN Plus service cat- egory to address this issue during the devel- opment of GF-6. API aimed to certify oils that add protection against LSPI through its formulations. Here's a tip successful shops can use to increase sales of Performance Oil & Fluid products … … along with your race oils, shops should display and sell passenger car motor oils as well. As a generalization, 10W-30s and higher are now for vehicles that are 15 years old or older. Currently, 5W-30 and 5W-20 cover more than 50% of viscosity grades that are OEM-required. Add in the growing popularity of 0W-20 and that covers as much as 80% of vehicles out there. As you know, racers own other performance vehicles for daily applications. TORCO INTERNATIONAL CORP. Ontario, California Ernie Soliz Sales Director Our hottest Performance Oil or Fluid product is … … SR-5R, SR-1R, SR-1 and SX-8. They all have a specific place/application where they can enhance engine performance. It is too difficult to just list one because applications are so complex nowadays. Its best features include … … our MPZ additive system that includes additional anti-wear and anti-friction addi- tives. Zinc alone robs precious horsepower because it causes a slip-stick friction in the upper cylinder. MPZ not only provides additional anti-wear properties, it also adds an anti-friction system that eliminates the slip-stick friction that zinc-fortified-only oils cause. This action frees up horsepower or pro- vides improved efficiency for your street car. However you want to look at it, it's a benefit. The outside factor having the biggest effect on the Performance Oil & Fluid market is … … the high-performance street market. The biggest misconception regarding Performance Oil & Fluid products is … … the line between passenger car specifi- cations and higher-performance specifica- tions. The ASTM testing for passenger car oil specs are considered just enough to get by for passenger car engines. There are no certified test beds for high-performance street oil specs. We are all on our own with this, and I prefer real-word field testing. Here's a tip successful shops can use to increase sales of Performance Oil & Fluid products … Go with Flow the Carrying a wide range of engine oils allows shops to meet the various needs of performance customers. (Photos courtesy Champion Oil) Performance oils and fluids can offer horsepower and efficiency benefits for race cars and street vehicles. (Photo courtesy Torco International Corp.)

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