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54 THE SHOP JANUARY 2020 … gather information on what the cus- tomer is trying to accomplish with his or her vehicle. Then learn the facts about available fluids that would best benefit the customer's vehicle. Stay away from mean- ingless buzzwords and info that does not truly mean anything. Look into how and why different oils are built for different applications. DRIVEN RACING OIL Olive Branch, Mississippi David Chamberlain Product Manager Our hottest Performance Oil or Fluid product is … … our new GP-1 High Performance Syn- thetic Blend engine oils, formulated from a Pennsylvania Grade base oil. Its best features include … … this Pennsylvania Grade base oil used in GP-1 has inherent properties that result in unique performance characteristics as a lubricating oil, even compared to synthetic base oils, as seen in head-to-head com- parisons without the additional support of additives, including zinc (ZDDP). Once this base oil is compounded with Driven's legacy high zinc/high moly addi- tive package, it has proven to have a syn- ergetic effect on engine performance with decreased wear, lower oil temps and more horsepower GP-1 is designed for competition/race engines, classic cars and imports, and espe- cially high-performance engines with either roller or flat tappet cams. It is available in 20W-50, 15W-40, 10W-30, 5W-20, Nitro 70 and a conventional Straight 30 Break-In oil. It is compatible with methanol, E85 and high-octane race fuels. The outside factor having the biggest effect on the Performance Oil & Fluid market is … … simply put: cost. Cost increases of raw metal prices result in higher engine com- ponent costs, which result in higher engine build costs. This flows all the way to the end-user, and these cost increases pinch the engine builder's margin. All of this affects how the end-user views oil—most don't pay a lot of attention to it and think that oil is just oil. This is where the GP-1 oil comes into play, as it makes it easier to sell to the end-user without the monetary resistance—they are getting a really good-quality performance oil for two- thirds the price of most high-end synthetics. There is also the issue of cost in relation to raw materials used to make the finished oils. We work directly with the refinery that refines the base oil from Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil in Bradford, Pennsyl- vania. Working directly with the base oil refiner helps reduce costs, which we've passed through to our customers. The biggest misconception regarding Performance Oil & Fluid products is … … choosing the best oil. What do I mean? There is no one-size-fits-all best oil out there. It doesn't exist. The application always dictates the chemistry and not the other way around. Motor oil is for the motor, it's not motor for the motor oil. Here's a tip successful shops can use to increase sales of Performance Oil & Fluid products … … again, application always dictates chem- istry. The best all-out racing oil—let's say our XP3 full synthetic racing oil, for example—would be a terrible break-in oil. Likewise, off-the-shelf API oils are designed for modern passenger car engines, with development concerns primarily focused on fuel economy and emissions. These API oils are certainly not developed for racing and performance applications. And it's not just flat tappet cam engines— even roller cam performance and racing engines need better protection because of higher spring pressures and added horse- power-related loads. AMSOIL INC. Superior, Wisconsin Andy Arendt Director Technical Marketing Our hottest Performance Oil or Fluid product is … … AMSOIL Severe Gear in the new Easy Pack. Its best features include … … the Easy Pack eliminates mess and busted knuckles. Changing gear oil is usually a messy job, because you're trying to get oil out of a ridged container into a hard-to-access fill port. Easy Pack's flexi- bility makes it easy to fit into hard-to-reach fill ports, saving time, money and mess. The outside factor having the biggest effect on the Performance Oil & Fluid market is … … turbochargers once used exclu- Go with Flow the The "best" oil for each customer is the one that fits their specific application and planned usage. (Photo courtesy Driven Racing Oil) Lubricants can be an afterthought for some customers, so be sure to spend some time explaining the performance ben- efits for their specific application. (Photo courtesy AMSOIL Inc.)

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