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JANUARY 2020 THE SHOP 57 Many car clubs publish a membership roster that includes contact information. Some clubs try to restrict commercial use of their rosters while others do not. A number of clubs that are set up in a very sophisticated way actually sell their mailing lists. Club memberships can vary from under 100 members in a local group to more than 50,000 members in some of the larger national/international organiza- tions. Another way for a specialty car business to promote to members of clubs is to put together a press release about your business and send it to the club newsletter editor. These hardworking people—usually volun- teers—are often hard-pressed to fill pages and will welcome free editorial. You'll probably have better luck getting this type of exposure if your press release is informative and not blatantly commercial. Even a small name mention in a club news- letter can bring in business for a good shop. Promoting your shop isn't the only ben- efit your business can realize from joining a club. There are also the possibilities of getting technical information to help with your projects and finding parts. Club newsletter articles often contain good how-to information about collector cars. Many clubs also have technical advisers who are knowledgeable about certain classic vehicles. In addition, it's not rare to see some hard-to-find old parts advertised for sale in club newsletters. Some specialty shop owners are active members of local clubs and participate in the shows, tours and rallies that they organize. This can also bring in business. We have seen shop owners impressing many club members by doing a little work on a tour Garage Sessions club members in Green Bay, Wisconsin attended a seminar on classic car license laws. It was held at The Automobile Gallery ( Collector car groups often pay visits to hobby businesses. The 2015 British Motor Trade Association Convention brought the group to Long Motor Co. in Lenexa, Kansas. Parts needed by your shop (in this case somewhat rare American Motors parts from PROAMC) may turn up at a car club meet or club car show.

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