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12 • RV PRO • January 2020 rv-pro.com Get More Sales Opportunities from Your Web Traffic If you look at the majority of RV dealers' websites, most of the sales opportunities are created when the online shopper has narrowed down to a specific unit and connects with the dealer. But what if the prospect hasn't nar- rowed it down to a specific unit yet? Often, they leave your website without ever connecting with you. In contrast, if that same potential customer entered your physical loca- tion, a sales rep would take down their information and control the sales pro- cess early in the buyer's journey and nurture the relationship to point of sale. If you want to sell more RVs in 2020, take inventory of the challenges and pain points your customers face to decide on a unit and offer solutions on your site to those challenges. Be the guide that makes them the hero of their own journey. Nate Morse, growth and conversion expert InteractRV (website design, digital marketing and CRM provider) Closely Monitor Your Cash & Inventory Levels During a 20 Group meeting at least a couple of decades ago, we were discussing how to prepare for a possible market downturn. There was an appropriate period of thoughtful silence. Then dealer Larry McClain's soft Texas drawl was heard: "I can't speak for you fellas, but I'll tell you what we are going to do. We are going to keep a close eye on our cash and keep our inventory clean. That way we will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that will certainly come in a downturn." Solid gold from one of the smartest dealers I ever knew. Chuck Marzahn, principal Marzahn & King Consulting (training and consulting firm) Prioritize Training, Consistency & Being Accessible For a better dealership in 2020, here are three key ideas to consider: Training: Eliminate the revolving door. Training your employees is an investment in your future. The cost of recruiting and training new employees is almost double compared to training your current employees. Invest in your employees and they will invest in you. Consistency: Have a process of every aspect of your dealership. Hold your employees accountable to follow the processes each day. Each visit to the dealership, from sales to service, should be one of familiarity for your guest. Consis- tency allows your clients to be at ease; they always know how they will be treated. Accessible: Be accessible to your guests. A guest at your dealership should never have to wander aimlessly. Consider having a greeter when customers enter your business. Also, sales personnel need to be accessible to the client, and service advisors should be standing and ready to greet the customer with a handshake. To sum up, do not make it diffi- cult for customers to spend money at your dealership. Dominic Michele Jr., owner Procedures on Purpose (consulting and training firm) Focus on Your Service 'Job Turn' Spend a few extra minutes every day tracking the job turn or cycle time of each job in the shop. There are actually two mea- surements here: keys to keys and job start to completion. The job start to completion cycle time is the one to focus on first. Begin each job with an estimated com- pletion date and monitor each step along the way in the repair process. With atten- tion on advance planning for parts, approvals, staging of units and daily job status aware- ness by everyone involved together with measurements to track performance, improvement can be made. Don Tipton, president DTC Retail Consulting (consulting and training firm) Know Your Market Retail sales of RVs continue to be at or near historic highs. As a dealer, understanding the buying habits and demographics of customers in your local market can greatly assist in keeping retail sales thriving. Each market across the country can be different, as what is selling and to whom in Seattle may be completely different than in Atlanta. Digging into your local market and understanding your con- sumers can not only assist in having the proper inventory on your lot but it can increase turns and reduce carrying costs. Scott Stropkai, president Statistical Surveys (market data firm) Prioritize Training for Your Fixed Ops Team I'm guessing you have heard of Ein- stein's definition of insanity? It's simply this: "I'm going to continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect to get different results." To put it another way, "If you con- tinue to do what you've always done, you will continue to get what you always got." All of us must realize that we are where we are today in our personal lives and our business lives because of the choices we made. Those choices were either good ones or bad ones and nobody made them for us! If you want to grow your RV service and parts business in the coming year then I hope you will agree that you must S PEC I A L S EC T I O N O U T LO O K 2 02 0

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