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14 • RV PRO • January 2020 rv-pro.com start doing some things different and or doing different things. What would be an example? Start by asking yourself this question: "Have I made a sufficient investment in training all my employees?" When we visit RV dealers, we find far too many service and parts employees have had absolutely zero training. We also find many department managers have zero knowledge on how to grow their business. A good training plan will provide the processes and knowledge needed to improve the Repair Event Cycle Time, increase profit margins on parts and labor, maximize technicians' productivity and include a com- p e n s a t i o n p l a n t h a t m o t i v a t e employees to per- form at a higher l e v e l . Tr a i n i n g your employees is a good choice for 2020! Don Reed, CEO DealerPRO Training (training and consulting firm) Utilize Your Suppliers to Help Spur Parts Sales I'm sure every parts department has a keen eye for what sells well to your customers. Ve r y o f t e n , new planograms contain products that a dealership hasn't previously sold, and therefore, there is sometimes a bit of hesitancy. But whereas each dealer knows what has sold in his own store, suppliers often have more of a national view of what sells, and therefore, poten- tial new items that could move for your parts department. Tr yin g various p lan ogram s can lead to a dramatic increase in sales by adding items that sell well, but you haven't tried before. Raymond Padgett, managing partner ARC Representation (manufacturer rep firm) Train Every Day Schedule training every day. Alternate product training with tech- nique training. All of our best c l i e n t s h a v e a scheduled routine and get the results because of it. Athletes warm up before the game and doctors review medical findings to stay current, so RV professionals should do the same. Modern customers demand professionals who are ready and current to address cus- tomers correctly and with expertise. Train every day. Jered Sobel, vice president Sobel University (training and consulting firm) Recognize Long-Term Profitability Comes from Your Service Dept. You have spent millions of dollars in building your facility, countless hours in developing your sales team and you have had tough negotiations to get the right inventory for your market. Why would you not want your No. 2 income stream – the service department – to be profitable? The key component to make your service department profitable is having knowledgeable and certified service per- sonnel. It all begins with evaluating the skill level of your current team and then putting a training program in place to guide them toward the certifications that show their knowledge and skills. Y o u h a v e invested a great deal to get your customer. Now i s t h e t i m e t o develop your ser- vice department to retain that cus- tomer for your long-term profitability. Terry Cooper, president National RV Training Academy Stay Current on Customer Communications Like it or not, we have to recog- nize that the cus- tomer of 2020 is way different from just 10 years ago. T h a t m e a n s you have to change the way you communicate with them. More and more RV customers choose tex- ting as their preferred method of contact, so you need to make sure everyone in the dealership has access to text at work, and can text effectively. Your dealership should have a tool to track this communication, and treat tex- ting as a real conversation – because it is! Michael Rees, president A World of Training (training and consulting firm) Launch a 'Conquest Digital' Strategy As the natural flow of consumers on your lot continues to dry up, you need to refocus on a "Conquest Digital Strategy." What does this really mean? It's simple. Be the hunter. Are you hunting prospects and presenting your dealership to them – or are you relying on the consumer to find you through their search activity? Conquest mar- keting puts you steps ahead of your competitors. 2020 is not the time to be the hunted, but to be the hunter with a Conquest Digital Strategy. Ron Wheeler, president Wheeler Advertising (advertising firm) Take Advantage of RVTI All serious RV technicians should take a look at the RV Technical Institute. The newly opened RVTI is poised to begin training hundreds of RV service techni- cians beginning January 2020. All dealership, service center and mobile techs alike are highly encouraged S PEC I A L S EC T I O N O U T LO O K 2 02 0

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