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16 • RV PRO • January 2020 rv-pro.com to take advantage of the curricula devel- oped by a team of professional educators over the past couple of years. For the first time in our industry, all trainers will be teaching from the same playbook, regard- less of the venue. RVTI has created a new national standard for teaching RV service technicians at each level: Level 1 certified, entry-level PDI techs; Level 2: certifica- tion and Level 3: master certification. Through RVTI, headquartered in Elkhart, Ind., or one of its licensed partners around the country, the path to certifica- tion is now easier t o o b t a i n a n d employers can be assured the course content is consistent and defendable. Gary Bunzer, aka "the RV Doctor", president Bunzer Consulting (consulting and training firm) Evaluate Your Departmental Processes to Spot Opportunities Revie w your dealership depart- ment processes for 2020 and iden- tify opportunities. No, not problems or issues – but opportunities! Start with your fixed operations pro- cesses as examples by inspecting what is written and documented. Define your dealership processes, by first identifying what is the goal pertaining to each pro- cess, such as sales dollars generated, increased customer satisfaction, expense control, or maybe all the above. Next, identify all the employees associated with each process and break down timelines to execute these pro- cesses, what is needed to execute these specific duties and responsibilities, such as IT tools or training and the regi- mented communication needed to keep everyone on task. W h e n g e t t i n g y o u r p e r s o n n e l involved in these meetings regarding processes mapping, you will find your employees want to be part of the solu- tion – not the issue. This communication will go a long way cementing a solid foundation for your processes in 2020. David Foco, vice president A World of Training (training and con- sulting firm) Don't Overlook F&I Opportunities Y o u s h o u l d c a p t u r e e v e r y possible delivery. This sounds like c o m m o n s e n s e , but how well do you place financing across all of your customers? Credit profiles go much deeper than prime and subprime – and if you don't understand the lender's pref- erences you will lose sales and frustrate your customer. Revisit your tendencies and evaluate the lenders you utilize multiple times each year. How often are you content to let local credit unions finance your customers with short terms, no warranty sales, and limiting your profit center? National lenders have loan terms designed to beat local banks while you make real profit. Don't squander the opportunity to make the most of what should be your most profitable revenue stream, which is F&I. Do what it takes to make every sale, but don't become complacent and forget to maximize every sale. Jeff Wyatt, principal DLR Financial (F&I outsourcing firm) Certify Your Fixed-Ops Staff to Reduce RECT As the industry continues to focus o n t h e R e p a i r Event Cycle Time (RECT), I would encourage dealers to explore the RV Learning Center's fixed operations certification program for service managers, service writers, parts people, and warranty administrators. These are key frontline employees who can enhance the customer experience and improve RECT, if they are trained. Details are available at rvlearningcenter.com. Phil Ingrassia, president RV Dealers Association Automate Your Marketing Efforts Statistics show that it takes six to eight touches to generate a sale as a new prospect lead goes through a f e w b u y i n g phases: awareness > consideration > decision. This is especially true with large financial decisions, such as buying an RV. Wouldn't it be great to stay with a prospect and "touch" them at key times throughout the buying phases? You can! It's called marketing automation. To do this, you map out the touches (also called the customer journey): what you want to say, when you want to say it, where you want to say it – and then you automate these touches via an easy- to-use platform, such as Autopilot. And then voilà – over the course of the buying process, your prospect receives well-or- chestrated email, text, social media and website advertising touches that nur- ture them across the finish line. It's like that. And it will help you convert more prospects into customers. Jeff Beyer, CEO and founder Big Rig Media (marketing firm) Protect Yourself Against Federal Compliance Mandates While there is no simple solution to overcoming the mandates of the alphabet soup of federal regulatory agencies, there are two components that are arguably the best to avoid compliance fines: First, ensure the dealership maintains an annually updated dealership compli- ance manual, which includes the Safe- guards Rule, OFAC, Red Flags Rule, etc. Second, ensure the dealership main- tains a dealership compliance education program that includes every employee and is vigorously monitored and updated on an annual basis. S PEC I A L S EC T I O N O U T LO O K 2 02 0

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