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rv-pro.com January 2020 • RV PRO • 29 an inverter to plug into regular power, there are antenna models that are passive and give ranges up to 70 miles. When power is avail- able and it's amplified, that range extends up to 85 miles depending on the model. Manufacturing Durable, Stylish Antennas Antop antennas are both durable and somewhat stylish compared to old models, according to Sampson. "They are very easy to look at compared to the old antennas that had all the metal tines," he says. "The second you got in a hailstorm or salty climate, the tines were ruined. Some of our outdoor models have VHF Enhancement Rods, which are UV coated just like the body of the antennas, to create a protective shield around the components inside. Many of our Big Boy antennas made for the outdoors have a stand to put inside if you don't want to have to drill through the top of your RV." If a camper doesn't like having an obvious antenna in their RV, Antop even has some multi-functional antennas that are designed to also be a picture frame, or a world map. "It's a win-win. You get to see your family and pull in over-the-air channels," Sampson says with a laugh. "We're always thinking about the people who use our products. We want to make our products convenient, functional and still consider aesthetics." To support its customers, Antop Antenna provides a variety of assistance, including 24/7 email support, online user manuals, access to product support paperwork and call support. "If an installer is out doing an install, they can text in a quick, 'Hey,' if they have a question. We try to minimize returns, not just for our cost, but for the frustration caused by having to return the product," Sampson says. For dealers, Antop provides collateral for marketing teams and videos they can use to aid in the sales process. The company also provides resellers with materials like sell sheets, door hangers or flash drives filled with information. "People should start looking for our products in different places they wouldn't expect – everywhere from grocery stores on convenience racks, home improvement stores – everywhere. People will see a lot more of our product roll out as our distributors begin to sell more," Sampson says. Not only do antennas offer campers the chance to watch TV while on the road, they can increase radio reception as well. "Both TV and radio are sent over radio frequencies. Some models are specifically tuned or created for FM stations," Sampson says. "Those focus on the block of radio frequencies that are made and set aside for radio. They are better than the ones that pull in all the radio frequencies." Regardless of the use, Sampson says he never gets tired of hearing from satisfied customers. "Working for a company where you actually get a call from a customer who says, 'your antenna gets me a better picture than my cable or satellite ever did,' – that's rewarding." Carl Sampson, national sales manager for Antop, says the company enjoys a strong presence in the antenna market today thanks to its two factories employing more than 2,000 skilled workers. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Sealed-In Lithium Battery No Replacement Needed! Model SA-339 5 Year Battery • Conforms to ANSI/UL STD 2034 • Full Five Year Service Life • Built-in Test / Hush Functions • Always On - No Missing Batteries • Meets RVIA/NFPA requirements Learn more at STAdealer.com NEW!

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