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rv-pro.com January 2020 • RV PRO • 59 are craving information not only on the actual RV, but on the lifestyle. That is par- ticularly true when you consider that more than 40 percent of buyers are searching for their first RV and 67 percent of renters say they are new to the lifestyle, based upon results of RV Trader's 2019 survey. So, those consumers need help and guidance. And even if they are not new to RVing, remember that this is their hobby and passion, so they are always looking for ways to dive deeper into the lifestyle. As a dealer, you have a distinct advan- tage because you are already an expert in RVs, and typically also the lifestyle, as a result of running or working in a deal- ership, which is incredibly helpful to the new buyer. From detailed descriptions of new models, to travel recommendations in your local area, to top mistakes you've seen buyers make when purchasing their first unit, this is all information that you, as a dealer, innately have at your disposal. And it's information that consumers would appreciate as a part of their research. In fact, nearly 30 percent of RVers said this type of information would be helpful from dealers and would make them more likely to do business with a particular dealership, according to data from RV Trader's 2019 survey. So, there is a distinct advantage in providing these resources for them. Again, creating this type of content can take time, but there is no better time to be putting effort into your online pres- ence. That is how the consumers who are in the market are going to find you, so you have to make sure you're presenting yourself as effectively as possible if you hope to convert consumers. Aside from making sure your online presence is professional and informa- tional, how else can you prepare your dealership to weather a potentially less lucrative market? Exploring Other Avenues for Revenue As RV Trader research showed, the rental market is a big area of oppor- tunity for dealers who are looking to diversify this product offering and shore up their profits in the face of a poten- tially slower market. Consumers are entering the industry from new and different avenues. KOA's 2018 North American Camping Report shows that one-fourth of all campers use an RV, but 44 percent of them don't own that unit. This audience wants to get involved in the lifestyle, but is not necessarily ready for the expense or commitment of own- ership. However, that doesn't mean you should write this group off. These people could still be a good revenue stream for your dealership, particularly considering that the average renter rents more than five times in a two-year period. And again, NO MORE CHUCK CHUCK AND BUCK BUCK Reduce 5th wheel jerking, chucking and bucking with a MORryde MORryde RUBBER PIN BOX RUBBER PIN BOX. CONTACT US FOR DETAILS: www.MORryde.com 574.293.1581

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