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rv-pro.com January 2020 • RV PRO • 63 Get Your Facts in Order While the approach I'll share with you can handle any of the aforementioned sce- narios, let's say you have an employee who is highly skilled, but his negative attitude has become increasingly difficult to deal with and he is starting to affect others on your staff. You have a lot invested in his training and are not sure how to handle the problem. Well, you may not like what I have to tell you next. It's doubtful the trouble's root is with your problem child. This is a classic leadership problem. One can safely assume his "negative attitude" is presenting itself as disruptive behavior. You and his supervisor (if he has one other than you) owe it to him – and the rest of your team – to intervene in a timely manner and together develop an improvement plan that will reverse this deteriorating trend before it escalates into a more serious problem. First, you must do your homework diligently. If you don't have one already, begin a personnel log or file on every worker you employ. The file should include basic information about the person: position/ title, start date, certifications, training completed, and so on. Additionally, the file should contain a chronological list of key events or occurrences in the employee's tenure with your company: dates of performance reviews, promo- tions, achievements, positive customer feedback, and compliments, and the dates and details you counseled the person on some not-so-good stuff. You don't have to acknowledge the existence of such a file, but you must have one on all your employees – especially if you have started one for a particular indi- vidual. And, you must allow the employee to see their personnel file or log, if they request it. Check with your attorney for any human resource documentation requirements unique to your state. In the personnel log, be sure to record only the facts and not an interpretation of the situation. For example, it's fine to make the following entry: Oct. 10, 2018: Kerry was seen in a heated argument with Carlos. The two had to be separated. This incident is the fifth such time Kerry has been involved in a verbal confron- tation – with a different co-worker each time – in the past month (see previous log entries). Kerry was brought into the office and admonished for counterproductive behavior. He was told he was being placed on 60-day probation. Any further altercation could result in his termination. Kerry's signature below acknowledges the existence of this log entry and the fact that he knows he is on probation. Although it would be unwise to spec- ulate in the log as to why Kerry is having trouble getting along with others, you do need to get to the bottom of the problem in order to resolve it permanently. Before attempting to counsel Kerry, you should compile all available information regarding this specific problem – and only this problem. If there are other, unrelated concerns you have about Kerry's behavior, save them for another time. Don't give an employee the impression that you are piling on and making a win-win out- come impossible. Remember, this is still a valued employee that you want to retain and regain his productivity. Get to the Roots While you are preparing for Kerry's counseling session, you may want to try to determine the root cause of his behavior, particularly if his behavior has changed dramatically over a short period of time. Before any intervention, you may want to consider the acronym ACHIEVE to sort out the underlying cause for the subject's behavior. It is likely that one or two of the following factors are the rea- son(s) Kerry's behavior has taken a turn for the worse. Removing or addressing the root cause – once verified – should resolve the problem. Consider these: • Ability: Can he physically and mentally perform the assigned task successfully? Despite the training you've afforded him, is he incapable of performing up to acceptable standards and therefore lashes out at others? Understand ALL NEW! RHINO TOTE TANKS www.camco.net 21G RVPro19 Tote Tank Highlight Ad.indd 1 10/23/19 5:00 PM ® Unprecedented convenience, stability, and protection. RV SnapPad® are the World's Only Permanent Jack Pads. Snaps on in minutes, but provides a lifetime of benefits. Join the SnapPad revolution and make your leveling system truly automatic. To learn more, visit RVSnapPad.com

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