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24 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2020 accelerated complete rebuild, Stilwell made it to Bonneville for the 71st Bonneville Nationals. There to help with the engine were Davies, Loaring and Barnes from ICE. Unfortunately, rain on the night before Speed Week all but devastated the event, turning the salt into a spongy, mushy mess. Plenty of runs were made but few records were broken. (Read a recap in the December 2019 issue of THE SHOP.) Stilwell fared no better than anybody else, instead using the delays to complete and tech what was essentially a new car. Frus- tratingly, at the 11th hour, the transmission stuck, and he was unable to make any runs. ROAD RACING Competing in the completely different venue of road racing is Brit Bernie Cho- dosh of Bernie's Sports Racing & V8s (BSR). Originally established in 1988, BSR caters to V-8 enthusiasts who want to go old-school road racing. Chodosh, his sons Adam and Simeon and their friends get extra excitement from racing in the USA, where Bernie campaigns a '59 Corvette and his sons a '58 that Bernie built 40 years ago. "I was always into American cars and hot rods," he reveals. "The '58 was bought in the U.S., shipped back to the UK, rebuilt and raced all over Europe before it was shipped back to the U.S. permanently. It has raced at Daytona, Sebring, Lime Rock, Road Atlanta, Watkins Glenn, Homestead, and Mont Tremblant in Canada. "The '59 I bought at Carlisle about 28 years ago for $400. It was in bad shape and only an English fool such as myself would want it. I shipped it home along with some spares and built it into a race car that has given me great pleasure for almost 30 years." Under the hood of the '59 is a dry-sump Dart block with AFR heads, 11:1 pistons and an Eagle rotating assembly that puts out about 575 bhp. The motor is backed up with a Tex Racing T101A 4-speed and a 9-inch Ford with 4.11 gears. Most of the bodywork was made using molds he previously took from the car. Chodosh, who obviously enjoys racing in the USA, tells a funny story about a recent race at Road Atlanta. "I had a fantastic race with a wide- bodied Porsche. After the race, the driver approached me as I was working on the car and asked who the driver was. I said it was me and explained that I was a low- "It's a dream come true to race in the U.S.," said Nic Williams "The weather is invariably good, everybody has been really good to us and it's highly competitive, which I like." Another Brit looking west is Geoff Stilwell of BUA Motorsport, who fielded his own Modified Roadster at last year's Bonneville Speed Week. The WBR race car is allowed into the U.S. on a one-year carnet and in 2018 WBR managed seven races. The car is based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with Scooter Vester of Get'M Garage and the team flies from Heathrow, London to Nashville. RACING USA IN THE

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