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26 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2020 Story and Photos by Larry Weiner Vintage ads courtesy of the Larry Weiner Collection The Way We Were This 1967 Camaro is a perfect platform to showcase "Day 2" bolt-on performance upgrades—products that early owners of these and similar muscle cars rushed out to buy as soon as they could after purchasing the vehicle in order to make it all their own. 'Day 2' performance upgrades are a profit center for shops. I NTRO: The November 2018 issue of THE SHOP featured a story about the emergence of the Day 2 trend in vintage muscle car enhancements and res- torations titled The Way We Were. It covered a wide range of easy-to-install bolt-on parts and accessories like custom wheels, wider tires, traction bars and engine dress-up items. Adding parts like these was the entry for many young enthusiasts into car crafting when these vehicles were new or nearly new, and many of those same period- correct mods are popular again today for vintage muscle cars. For this installment, we're climbing into our Wayback Machine for another trip back to the future. There's no question that automotive trends have much in common with fashion, and what's old can become new again. Such is the case with Day 2 muscle cars. PERFORMANCE DEMANDS For quite a few years, the prevailing trend in muscle cars has been precise restorations. The finished vehicles have become almost works of art, with attention to detail and build quality that would make judges at the benchmark Bloomington Gold Corvette show blush with envy. In fact, the build quality has risen to a level that is infinitely better than anything the Big 3 built back in the day. But what many enthusiasts have found is that once the restoration of their pride and joy is done, it really is done. After all, what else could you do with it? The irony is that they look just like the stock muscle cars we bought new, except that back then, we couldn't wait to fix 'em up. Today, fixing up translates to the cur- rent buzzwords vehicle personalization. At the end of the day, although the words are different, the outcome is essentially the same. And this is one of the things that has driven the resurgence of the Day 2 phenomenon. In this segment, we are taking a more hardcore approach to the Day 2 theme and will be installing a wide range of period- correct performance parts and accessories. Installing performance parts was the next step for enthusiasts back in the day. However, our goal remains faithful to the original premise: none of the modifications we are making is irreversible. Like the first installment, each part or accessory featured in this segment can be removed and the original items can be reinstalled. A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY For the uninitiated, a Day 2 muscle car is one that was stock on Day 1 (they day it was purchased) and on the second day (fig- uratively speaking) the owner began per- PAR T II 26 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2020

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