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FEBRUARY 2020 THE SHOP 31 chosen. Not only did the Camaro now sound more like a '67-era NHRA Super Stock on the full-throttle runs, the results exceeded expectations. The increase over the stock baseline dyno run was a whopping 86 gross horsepower through the mufflers. The engine was far more responsive and made power right up to 6,100 rpm—a whopping 1,500-rpm increase over the original baseline run. We started with a bone-stock 350 with a factory rating of 295 hp and picked up an additional 86 hp. This is an impressive gain, and proves that the right combination of original Day 2 speed parts—coupled with time-tested, drag strip-proven build and tuning techniques—can produce the same kind of results today that they did when the Camaro was new and these go-fast goodies were considered to be state-of-the-art. This Camaro evokes the same enthusiastic acceptance from muscle car enthusiasts today that my long lost original did in the late '60s. Building the Day 2 Camaro was one journey down memory lane that was definitely worth taking, and we hope it encourages you to follow your dreams and find new—or perhaps we should say old—ways to help your customers enjoy their muscle cars. LARRY WEINER is a lifelong auto enthusiast. He came of age in the 1960s during the height of the muscle car era and began building and drag racing high-performance cars when he was in his teens. Today, Larry spearheads the Hurst Heritage by GSS Challenger, Mustang and Camaro limited-edition vehicle program, and has worked with Mopar Hall of Fame inductee Norm Kraus, aka Mr. Norm, the founder of Grand Spaulding Dodge, for over 25 years. He owns several vintage muscle cars, including the 1967 Camaro SS featured in this story, a 1965 Pontiac GTO, a 1959 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery and a low-mile survivor 1967 Chrysler Town and Country wagon. Hays Clutch Assembly Virtues: The Hays Classic Clutch Kit is designed specifically for vin- tage muscle car vehicle and powertrain applications, making it a true bolt-in upgrade. We chose a 10.5-inch diameter street/strip clutch assembly with a diaphragm pressure plate and organic sprung hub disc, along with an SFI-approved, 30-pound billet steel flywheel. Part# X402BT Lid Seal Part# X1663BT Fender Flare Trim HEADQUARTERS 6855 HERMOSA CIRCLE BUENA PARK, CALIFORNIA 90260 MIDWEST MANUFACTURING 1642 GATEWAY COURT ELKHART, INDIANA 46514 WWW.TRIMLOK.COM INFO@TRIMLOK.COM 800-543-8706 CALL US TODAY! Same Day Shipping on Thousands of Parts No Drilling! No Bolts! EASY INSTALLATION Experts in Plastic and Rubber Profile Extrusions TRIMS AND SEALS PEEL & STICK PEEL & STICK NEW! ® C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 2019 TL The Shop ad one 5-20.pdf 1 5/20/19 8:49 AM

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