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FEBRUARY 2020 THE SHOP 41 What's the most challenging aspect of serving work truck-related customers? CB: Many of these accounts say, "Here's my problem, now solve it." That's the fun part for us, but it's definitely a challenge, and that comes back to always having a clear understanding of your customer's needs. What's an unexpected benefit you've found working with these professional customers? CB: They're loyal—really loyal. Once you get in with them, they want to give you all their work. Also, hit the mark and they'll come back with their personal vehicles, too. Likewise, we want to make it really easy for fleet managers to send us all that work, and that's why we really push the service angle. "You need to switch out all those summer tires on the fleet in exchange for winter ones and have no idea where you're going to store them? OK, we'll label and store them for the winter at our cost and swap them back on come spring for you." Another benefit is that most of these fleets have the latest truck models. It's a plus to have them parked out front for everyone to see. Showcasing new brands and products on the new trucks definitely attracts customers. Plus, it gives our team an opportunity to work on the latest trucks and apply that knowledge elsewhere. What's your advice for shops in other parts of the country looking to service a professional audience? CB: Every owner or general manager needs to take a good, hard look at the shop, its staff and the way day-to-day business is conducted. Then ask yourself, "Is my operation something a fleet manager would deem worthy of their business?" Can you exceed their expectations in all areas, and is the partnership a good fit? Professionalism counts. Here at High Caliber Motorsports, customers and fellow business professionals like fleet managers or dealership executives are met by a friendly, knowledgeable staff and really nice, comfortable office space. We put out fresh coffee, snacks, donuts and muffins for them to help themselves—the special treatment matters. You have to be on their level to do busi- ness with them. Many times, that requires an investment on your part. Having a system or program like Topline, which CTech Shop Cabinets! ATTRACT A PREMIUM CLIENT WITH PREMIUM SHOP PRESENCE CONTACT US TO SEE HOW: 715-355-8842 WWW.CTECHMANUFACTURING.COM -If you have wall dimensions, we can manufacture a custom solution to fit your needs. • All aluminum construction • Custom/Configurable options at standard pricing • Cabinet modules: Base/Bench, Overhead, Wall & Closet W W W . C T E C H M A N U F A C T U R I N G . C O M ALUMINUM Carts, Cabinets & Drawers • LASER CUT MESH SCREEN • CONSTRUCTED FROM 2" AND 1.5" TUBING • 3/16" STEEL PUSH AREA • BRACKET AND HARDWARE INCLUDED • OPTIONAL LIGHT BRACKETS AVAILABLE • 2" SQUARE TOP TUBE / 3/8" STEEL UPRIGHTS • LASER CUT MOLLE SCREEN • HARDWARE INCLUDED • DRILLING REQUIRED • REMOVABLE CENTER SCREEN • VEHICLE SPECIFIC BRACKETS FOR BEST FIT • PERFORATED TREAD FOR MAXIMUM TRACTION • UNIQUE, HEAVY STEEL CONSTRUCTION GRILLE GUARD NEW COMMERCIAL LINE AVAILABLE HEADACHE RACK IRONCROSSAUTOMOTIVE.COM TRAK STEPS

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