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44 THE SHOP FEBRUARY 2020 P olyurethane suspension components are an easy, popular upgrade for drivers looking to enhance the ride and handling of their vehicles for a variety of on- and off-road applications. Proven superior to OE rubber bushings, the upgrades are strong, durable and available for a wide variety of makes and models. Aftermarket shops can make the most of performance polyurethane products by explaining the features and benefits. They include: a more solid suspension alignment while driving, improved responsiveness around corners or cones, improved drivetrain control and better-than-new restoration. Add in easy installation, and these upgrades become particularly attractive to shops that can consider including them as part of their performance upgrade packages. Here, polyurethane suspension compo- nent manufacturers share information on their latest hot sellers, target customers and tips to increase sales of these fun, functional upgrades. Energy Suspension San Clemente, California Kyle Martin Marketing Manager Our hottest Polyurethane product for 2020 is … … our new 2007-'14 GM 1500 4WD Master Set. This set replaces all OE rubber com- ponents on the vehicle, from control arm and sway bar bushings to body mounts, steering rack bushings, leaf spring bushings and diff mounts. Its best features include … … the kit is made from our proven Hyper- Flex Performance Polyurethane, which is resistant to oils, greases and other road contaminants. We have packaged every- thing you need in one convenient part RESPONSE Polyurethane products offer immediate improve- ments to vehicle handling and control. (Photos courtesy Energy Suspension) Applications are available for a wide variety of vehicles. (Photos courtesy Energy Suspension) Polyurethane suspension components are an easy, popular upgrade. HEIGHTENED

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