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FEBRUARY 2020 THE SHOP 45 number, and individual components are also sold separately. The target customer base for Polyure- thane products includes … … anyone who drives a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle equipped with OE rubber. With the wide range of inventory Energy offers, everyone from average drivers to track enthusiasts to off-roaders and power- sports customers will notice an immediate improvement in handling and control with our products. The outside factor currently having the biggest effect on the Polyurethane market is … … more and more vehicle manufacturers are moving away from offering replace- ment bushings for things like steering racks, control arms and sway bars, meaning that someone who didn't know any better would pay to replace the entire compo- nent. We have the ability to offer these replacement bushings for tons of vehicle applications. Here's a tip shops can use to increase Polyurethane-related sales … … there are many items that can enhance the performance of the customer's vehicle, such as sway bar bushings and end link kits, as well as vehicle maintenance items like bump stops and tie rod and ball joint boots that are easy to replace. Repair shops and tire stores can offer these inexpensive items to their customer as an add-on sale. Competition and street performance vehicles benefit from a stronger suspension setup. (Photo courtesy PROTHANE) Retailers and installers need to understand the features and benefits polyurethane upgrade products offer. (Photo courtesy PROTHANE) 888-776-8426 California, USA SUSPENSION | DRIVELINE | CHASSIS Available in Red & Black Urethane l Sway Bar Bushings l Control Arm Bushings l Drivetrain Bushings l Motor & Trans. Mounts l Body Mounts l Total Bushing & Mount Kits l And More! Soft OEM rubber can't handle sport/performance driving use, period! With more than 5,000 Kit Part Numbers available, both universal and vehicle specific, your customers deserve the PRO Solution- PROTHANE Performance Urethane. See- "MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS" on our website. The PRO Solution to your customer's vehicle upgrade– Motion Control!

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