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rv-pro.com February 2020 • RV PRO • 33 This is not good. And there's culpability on every- body's side. I was a wannabe athlete back years ago and had the dreams like everybody did of being something that I didn't have probably the ability to be, but had the dream. And with a team, if you're pulling from the same end of the rope, you can beat a lot of people that might have better athletes than you have. And the same thing applies in business. If we're all pulling from the same end of the rope and we're working together, we're going to beat a whole lot of people in that tug of war. I have sat in meetings with man- ufacturers who have not been given a good rap on quality, but there they are bound and determined they're going to fix their quality. They're con- vinced that they can get that done. They're convinced they can get a good build of mate- rials and they can get parts to the dealer quicker. Then can the dealer get it repaired correctly and get it back to the customer quick? That's where the culpability falls on the dealers. We've got to step up and make sure that we get our game done right. So, we have to then do the fourth part – and that's train the technicians and make sure that they are well-equipped to repair your unit when you bring it in as broken. We all have to work together. And I think all of the players understand that at this. RV PRO: What is your out- look for 2020? Shepherd: I think every time we have a political year you have to be guardedly optimistic, because it just depends on how much focus the American public gives to the election. And do they get distracted from other things – and in some cases with what we sell – they might love the distraction to get away, so we could have a good year because they're sick and tired of hearing it on TV. That's what I'm hopeful of. So, I'm guardedly optimistic. Most dealers, I believe, have tried to right-size their inventory. We had a glut. We got too full. We overstocked and our turns went away. We all have worked hard to improve upon that. Manu- facturers have worked hard to improve upon availability of the units and to not have lead times quite as long as what they were. I think everybody's working together. We've kind of right- sized that inventory. And I think we're all poised for a good year. Because it's an election year, I think you're going to see most dealers and manu- facturers be conservative. I know we're going to do that at our store, and the dealers th at I kn ow, th at's w h at they're all saying. I don't think it's going to be a bad year by any means. I do think the economy is doing well and I think we're in a position to have a really good year. SURGE GUARD ® RV POWER PROTECTION Surge Guard 30A 34951 120V, 30A 2450 Joules Surge Guard 50A 44270 120/240V, 50A 4,200 Joules Surge Guard 50A 44390 120/240 V, 50A 4,200 Joules Surge Guard 50A Full Protection Hardwire 35550 120/240V, 50A 3,850 Joules Surge Guard 50A Automatic Transfer Switch 40450RVC 120/240V, 50A 3350 Joules Surge Guard 30A Automatic Transfer Switch 40430RVC 120V, 30A 2450 Joules THE INDUSTRY LEADER IN OEM AND AFTERMARKET ELECTRICAL PROTECTION PRODUCTS

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