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rv-pro.com February 2020 • RV PRO • 41 able on our website. There is no need to interact with a sales- person if someone doesn't want to. We have completed transac- tions over the phone or via email, which means that sometimes we don't meet the customer until they come to pick up the camper. As more and more Millennials enter the RV market, we are seeing more and more transactions like this. "Major changes have occurred in the types of units we carry, as customer requests have led us to focus on smaller, lighter units with a gentle entry price. There are younger families with good incomes who are willing to pay for better quality, but many of our newer customers are also rather new to camping and want to be sure they will be utilizing their camper before deciding to spend more money. "The changes in the types of accessories we carry has been more subtle. We stock observation cameras and satellite antennas now, as well as a few household items such as cute cups and plates for use in the camper, and camping-themed T-shirts. But we haven't made an overt decision to purchase accessories aimed specifically at this demographic. "In terms of financing, we have to educate buyers who don't understand that RV financing is different than auto financing. In the last year, we've had about a dozen 20-somethings go out and find co-signers because, even though they had the income, they just didn't have the credit the RV industry is looking for. Others are opting for higher interest loans rather than delaying or declining the purchase." Nick Becket, general manager B & B RV Denver "We have completely changed our marketing strategies over the past few years. We used to advertise primarily in local news- papers, supplementing that with mass emails and physical adver- tisements in local sports arenas and businesses. While we still use email, our primary advertising focus has moved to social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Instagram, and other online markets like RV Trader, Craigslist, Outdoorsy, etc. "We have also overhauled our website to be more 'modern' and mobile friendly. While it's still a work in progress, we have noticed a dramatic increase in activity over the past couple of years. "While we already carried a fairly different collection of products than most RV dealerships, we have started to focus more dramatically on the higher-quality products the younger consumers seem to be looking for. We have seen the demand for high-quality units grow steadily as consumers arrive at our facility more educated about what's available and what they want. "As a result of increased consumer education, we have seen C M Y CM MY CY CMY K R V P R O D U C T S G R O U P ® 365 W. Victoria St. • Compton, CA 90220 • 800-347-2232 • www.norcoind.com/bal Retract-A-Spare Retract-A-Spare BAL R.V. Products' Retract-A-Spare offers underframe spare tire storage, eliminating the need for an exposed rear bumper or receiver mount tire carrier. Its telescopic design allows for use on travel trailer, fifth wheel, and Class C frames from 52" to 72" widths. The cable driven carrier is operated by a 3/4" threaded rod extending and retracting the spare to and from the storage position. Retail boxed with mounting hardware and Made in the USA. Model 28240

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