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56 • RV PRO • February 2020 rv-pro.com "They're not there because of a promo- tion or a lower price than the retailer down the street," he says. "We try to make the experience pleasant for them – and we try to angle them toward the correct section of hardware." With 13 different planograms and 13 dif- Tony Paigo, national director of RV sales for Land 'N' Sea, says the distributor works closely with individual retailers to give them the look they want for their parts store. "The dealers are the ultimate decision makers; they drive the bus," he says. ferent subcategories within the replacement hardware space, RV Designer tries to cover a lot of ground. Its most-recent innovation is what Tinghitella calls the "slide-glide". "We didn't invent sliding displays," he says. "They've been in retail forever. However, we semi-perfected it for the RV industry and it's our proprietary design. In a very short order, you have 8 feet of product in 4 feet of space." Other hallmarks of what RV Designer offers include an emphasis on color and symmetry. "We go with bright colors because a lot of these products are black or gray or beige," Tinghitella says. "We go to great lengths of make sure things are symmet- rical: the exact same size clamshell, the same exact size label in each section. It's all about making it pleasant." The slide-glide and other planogram displays also come in four different colors. Although Tinghitella says he has some initial trepidation about offering red, it's one of the most-popular shades, and really catches shoppers' eyes. As with the others, he stresses that RV retailers offer a mixed bag in their stores when it comes to marketing, from high-end and sophisticated to what he calls "fairly primitive." "A lot of dealerships also have an extremely broad base of types of fixtures in their stores," he says. "A lot will have picked up their store fixtures because someone in another industry went out of business across town, so there's no uniformity. We go to great lengths to make things that fit." While fit may be an important aspect of RV Designer's approach to shelving, in the future that may not be enough. NTP-STAG's Byrd says already on the market are shelving systems that talk to consumers' smartphones to enhance the shopping experience. "Integration of technology is defi- nitely what's happening," she says. "It's not just personalization of marketing through text and emails. There are shelves that – if you download an app for that retailer – if you walk by a shelf and Land 'N' Sea puts a strong emphasis on grouping products by categories.

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