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8 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 want for your business. Yes, we know everyone talks about KPIs (key performance indicators), but aren't we really looking for success in everything we do? So, we're changing it up and thinking about success from the start: • Be specific with your Success Metrics and identify the figures that you want to be held accountable for. Examples are number of leads generated, X number of calls, etc. • Be realistic with your goals by analyzing any previous digital marketing attempts (this will ensure a positive increase on your current results and help you avoid expectations that are too high). • Make sure you know what method you'll be using to measure success metrics (Google Analytics or number of completed online sales, for example). PRO TIP: Keep every element of your digital marketing plan SMART—that is, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. CHOOSE YOUR METHODS A few things are important when it comes to identifying the methods most suitable to you, but most importantly you must remember the following four things: 1. Your Budget 2. Your Audience 3. Your Digital Channels 4. Your Team Your Budget • Define what type of budget you'll have for your digital marketing. • Develop your budget for the long haul—6-12 months, rather than one or two months. • Look at past data to see what has and hasn't worked. Your Audience • Where does your audience hang out online? • What are they looking for online? • What can you give them that they actually value? • Are you targeting a specific geographical area or niche within the industry? • Know your target demographic: where they live, what their income is, what their likes and dislikes are, where they spend their money and where they hang out online. Your Channels • Take a look at what current digital marketing chan- nels work for you. Which ones will you keep? • Will you use Google AdWords or social media ads, like Facebook or Instagram? • Write out what each digital channel is going to achieve or what you want it to achieve. • Make sure you have at least one or two Success

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