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10 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 BE FLEXIBLE Make a plan to build your marketing engine and then don't stick to it. Wait, what? Before the panic sets in about why we're telling you not to stick to your plan, just hear us out… Your plan is never going to be perfect and there is always going to be something that will pop up and take you by surprise. Not every estimate or assumption you make is going to be correct—and that's OK. You've looked at all the steps and care- fully constructed a plan based on highly insightful assumptions and perfectly ana- lyzed research. But all of this preparation can't compare to how your current cus- tomers and your target market will behave throughout the year. Because of this, it's necessary to continu- ously measure and monitor the perfor- A digital marketing plan (or digital marketing strategy) is the plan of action that's implemented to help you achieve your company's goals online.

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