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MARCH 2020 THE SHOP 17 I n adventure travel, the journey is everything. Lasting for extended periods of time, lodging is accom- plished by camping, while the vehicle itself needs to be rugged, dependable and adaptable. Understanding the fundamental differ- ences between overlanding and off-roading will help shops new to the market get a head start on serving adventure travelers. Taken from overlanding experts at the consumer, shop and manufacturer levels, here's some advice to get your overlanding business rolling. RESEARCH IS THE KEY If you're just getting started, visiting well- established overland outfitters—as special- ists in this genre often refer to themselves— should give you a pretty good idea if the risk will be worth the reward. While off- road, Jeep and truck shops may seem to be ideal starting points, branching off into overlanding isn't as easy as it may seem. It takes more than just joining in on the adventure travel excitement that was apparent at the 2019 SEMA Show and getting caught up in the enthusiasm and optimism for this market segment, which is growing by leaps and bounds. Finding success in a market that's growing by leaps & bounds. By Jason R. Sakurai MARCH 2020 THE SHOP 17 THE INS & OUTS OF OVERLANDING In adventure travel, the journey is ev- erything. That means that shops must work to give overlanders the ride of a lifetime. (Photo by Jason Sakurai) There's plenty for shops to offer the typical overland customer. (Photo by Jason Sakurai) All-terrain supercar debuts: all-terrain-supercar

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