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20 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 brand year after year, but in this market, Toyota and its upscale sibling Lexus reign supreme. Yes, there are also plenty of Jeeps being used for adventure travel, but their overall popularity and the high demand for JKs and JLs often makes them more costly. Hands down, the Toyota 4Runner is currently the most popular SUV for over- landing, with older Jeep Wagoneers, Toyota Land Cruisers and certain Land Rover models also being upfitted. Of course, Ford is still a major player with the Ranger, which joins the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon and Nissan Fron- tier as mid-sized truck entries besides the Toyota Tacoma. Smaller SUVs, such as the Subaru Out- back and Crosstrek, are also getting in on the action. KNOW WHERE TO GO As simple as it sounds, when serving over- landers, your customers will want you to tell them where to go—literally. Therefore, being active in the commu- nity, or having someone on your staff who is, makes a world of difference. Without it, you are not going to have the inside track with local enthusiasts, let alone outside your area if you are also contemplating ecommerce overland sales. Start with traditional hard parts such as winches, racks, lights, bumpers, rock sliders, suspension lift kits, wheels and tires, and then add in camping and outdoor products to broaden your overlanding offerings. (Photos courtesy Warn Industries) THE INS & OUTS OF OVERLANDING Shops in the know will provide more than just overland products and service—from seminars on the outdoors to off-road driving instruc- tion, the best outfitters can get their customers all of the information they need for a safe, enjoyable journey. (Photos by Jason Sakurai)

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