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40 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 can be extremely valuable. And there are many companies and marketing firms out there that can help you get one off the ground. Smaller businesses can also try to handle this on their own with the help of some good online resources. All it takes is a little homework to create a loyalty program. And this includes shops that mainly service dealership or fleet clients as well. We have been using rewards to grow our wholesale business for a few years now. There are some precautions to take to make sure your loyalty program is a suc- cess. Here's an outline of questions to con- sider before you get started. Who do you want to target with your rewards? At the dealership level, are you targeting the sales staff, the service department, the management team, the aftermarket depart- ment, the general manager or the dealer principal? The interesting thing about this answer is that it could perhaps be dif- ferent at each store—at one place it might be the sales staff, whereas at the store next door it could be the dealer principal. Whatever the answer, make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck, meaning you want to reward the influencers or the deci- sion makers—the ones who actually can rally behind you and make sure you are getting the business. What do they get rewarded on? Usually, instead of rewarding overall sales, I find that it helps to have specific targeted products. This way you can concentrate on rewards for what you want to do more of, instead of on everything you sell. For instance, if your remote start business is down or could use a push, then why not offer a small reward for any remote start sale sent your way? Of course, you want to put a time limit on it so that it isn't open-ended, but this is a good way to get whoever you target at the dealership talking up remote starts in an effort to sell more of them. If they have suc- cess a few times, they will then realize that remote starts are in demand, and chances are they will continue pushing them even after the reward program expires. What do you reward your customers with? I have seen many different shops reward their customers different ways. Some have Rewards can be offered to repeat customers, or to wholesale/dealership clients who help move targeted products. 40 THE SHOP MARCH 2020 A PLAN FOR PROFIT$

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