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MARCH 2020 THE SHOP 51 continues to challenge vehicle and tech- nology manufacturers, and the aftermarket will be needed to educate and support the implementation, particularly for the used vehicle market. OUR OWN INNOVATION CENTER We continue to look for ways to support the continued push toward autonomous vehicles through our ADAS education and development. Auto Action recently opened an Innova- tion Center to sustain the R&D efforts of technology integration. Backing from both public and private businesses has allowed us to work closely with new technology and help companies better understand the challenges of implementation. The innovation lab/center is an area of our newly acquired office space that allows us to test the integration of technologies on buses and transit vehicles. It is directed by Pat Gerardo, our parts and service director, and is used in conjunction with our team lead technicians. Experimenting and testing in the Innova- tion Center allows us to create best prac- tices regarding installation rollout protocol, along with the ability to test potentially defective technology to identify potential issues in-house, rather than spending time troubleshooting at a customer's facility. Most partners on the public side have been able to loan us equipment that func- tions as if we were actually on a bus or transit vehicle. Typically, the technology needs to communicate through Web-based servers. which can then be troubleshot by a manufacturer anywhere in the world. We are currently working with companies in the UK and Israel, helping them grow in the U.S. market. We have also learned a lot over the past three years with our involvement in Smart City initiatives and safety equipment roll- outs, and we know that the data behind everything we are doing will be the core catalyst to assist in the rapid growth of ADAS as we know it. Vision Zero program efforts are con- tinuing to educate consumers and fleet customers about this new technology, as Hyundai Motors unveiled its human- centered future Mo- bility Vision at CES 2020. The next 10 years will continue to shape the Smart City future. Hyundai's Future Mobility Vision

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